Friday Fun #3: Heisman Dark horses

Just about everyone’s top three Heisman hopefuls, going into the 2006 season, are Brady Quinn, Troy Smith, and Adrian Peterson. It’s very likely that the 2006 Heisman Trophy will be awarded to one of these three superhumans. But we’ve decided to take a crack and predicting the dark horse, the player that has just as big an upside as these guys do. We present the MotSaG’s Heisman dark horses:

Slyvester-Yon Rambo: Brian Brohm – A QB on the Top Ten Louisville squad that will put up huge offensive numbers in th Big East on a team with little other offensive help except a traitor of a RB who committed to Ohio State before turning his back on us and signing with Louisville… Plus, Louisville has no defense and will be forced to throw the ball A LOT.

Kenny Irons – A true RB star from the SEC will get lots of touches and has the opputunity to be on an undefeated Auburn team that could make a run at the National Championship game if he can help them run the table.

Zeke: Marshawn Lynch, Jr. RB, Cal – After missing two games last year and part of a third due to injury, he still ran for 1246 yards and 10 TDs. Cal is one of the teams being hyped with the possibility to overtake USC in the Pac 10. Lynch will play a huge role in determining if that happens.

Kenny Irons, Sr. RB, Auburn – The success of the team most of the time is a deciding factor on who wins the Heisman trophy. Auburn is set to have a good year which might help Iron’s chances of sneaking up in the Heisman race. Last year’s stats: 1293 yards & 13 TDs.

sportsMonkey: Marshawn Lynch, California – Even though Lynch sat out for two games last year with an injury, he still pulled off 1,642 all purpose-yards for the season. He has a 7.0 YPC average over his career at Cal.

Why he could win: Easily one of the top three RBs in the country. One of the veterans on his team, which gives him the “leadership” opportunities that the Heisman voters love to see. USC is rebuilding, so the state’s expectations are being transferred to the Bears. And no Leinart or Bush to compete against (for media attention) this year.

Why he’s a long shot: Cal has to replace three starters on the offensive line. If they aren’t up to the talent of last year, it could impact Lynch’s numbers. Lynch is also in the same camp as many other great football players around the country – how does he get the media to stop slobbering over ND’s Quinn and Weis.

el Kaiser: Michael Bush – My pick isn’t going to make to S-Y Rambo happy, but he’ll get over it. I’m going with another Lousiville boy. Now that the other Bush has vacated Touchdown City for New Orleans, Mike can take up residence with his 24 TDs from last year. As S-Y Rambo mentioned, Louisville is going to put up some serious offensive numbers, and most of them will be going through Bush. The weak Big East should give Bush plenty of room to run, and if he has a break-out game in an upset of West Virginia, look out. His biggest hurdle is going to be his team mate, Brohm. He’ll have to seriously outshine him in every game to be considered, but I think he can do it.

I look for him to be big in both the Miami game and the WVa game as well, surprising everyone and being invited to the Downtown Athletic Club.

So those are our dark horses. If I was a betting man, I’d still go with the top three, but these guys deserve a serious look.

Wasn’t a darkhorse


  1. Sylvester-Yon Rambo says

    Truly dissapointed in your pick El Sucko…..why dont you be like Mr Traitor and turn in all your OSU gear and go a bunch of Cardinal gear just like Mr Traitors Family did

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