Changes with the LBs

OSU FootballRemember our Linebacker preview from a few weeks ago? Yeah, so maybe we were a little off. The O-Zone is reporting a few tweaks to the two-deep for the linebackers:

According to linebackers coach Luke Fickell, the depth chart at linebacker has James Laurinaitis as the number one middle linebacker, Marcus Freeman as the leo linebacker, and John Kerr at the will linebacker. Laurinaitis is backed up at middle linebacker by Larry Grant, Freeman is backed up by Curtis Terry, and Kerr by true freshman Tyler Moeller. Ross Homan, who was considered to be challenger for a starting position, has been out a week with a hamstring problem. Fickell described Moeller as “someone you notice, someone that when the ball get to the line of scrimmage, he’s always there.”

I wonder what prompted the changes? I’ve always thought Kerr would be a quick middle linebacker, maybe more suited for the outside, but putting him at will linebacker is an interesting move. Laurinaitis at middle linebacker is even more interesting. John KerrI guess he bulked up some and got stronger. He is a big guy to begin with, so I don’t see it being a problem with him in the middle. Backed-up by Larry Grant is good to see. At least we almost got Freeman right!

Another thing that surprises me is the absence of Austin Spitler from the two-deep. We are big on Spitler here at MotSaG, so color us surprised to see true freshman Moeller backing up Kerr, not Spitler.

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