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Media Day, usually held in Ohio Stadium, was rained out and had to be held indoors, but that didn’t stop the Dispatch from capturing this endearing moment as Brandon Mitchell tenderly adjusts Marcus Freeman’s man jewelry. How precious. (This photo is screaming out for a caption):

Caption Me

More pictures at The O-Zone.


  1. “With this earing I do thee wed.”

  2. I’ve got three:

    “Marcus. Command: HALT. Password: FRIEND. Command: OPEN ACCESS PANEL. Thanks. Coach needs me to adjust your tackle processor, you’re hurting too many guys out here.”

    “Marcus, I got some earrings from a booster. What’s that? Oh, it should be okay; it was Bob Leinart.”

    “Hold up there, dude…. waaiiitt… still got some pieces of michigan player stuck in your hair.”

  3. “Hey Brandon, when are you gonna give me back my Nivea Skin Cream back?”

  4. “Is that hair gel????”

    Best movie ever!

  5. Heather, good one!

  6. “We’re not gay but our boyfriends are.”

    or maybe

    “If we’re breaking up I want my ear ring back.”

    or how about

    “Dude, the shinny side goes forward.”

    Also, who can blame Mitchell, check out Freeman’s ‘boobs’.

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