Sad sad sad

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We have a standing rule here at MotSaG wherein we’ve agreed to avoid any news (good or bad) about [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED]. Unfortunately, the news coming out of Columbus today is too big to ignore. You know things are bad when you get out of the shower before 7 o’clock in the morning and your wife says that [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] was on the news this morning.

So why is [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] in the news? Surely you’ve already read about his arrest, after making a U-turn and leading the CPD on a high-speed chase, ending in him being maced after the Taser used against him was rendered useless by his bullet-proof vest. Never mind the loaded weapons, including an assault rifle, in his truck. Or empty bottle of liquor in his car. Or that he went “raging bull” in the back of the paddy-wagon. Just do what I do. Close your eyes and wait for him to go away. Because I’m done feeling sorry for [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED].

Of course bloggers are gleefully waking up to tons of new material to hate on OSU. We’ll let them have their fun, but [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] stopped being a Buckeye years ago. Sticks and stones, sticks and stones. People love to seeing sports figures fall from grace, and [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED]’s fall has been spectacular.

I titled this post “Sad sad sad” because [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] has completely hit rock-bottom and has begun to dig deeper. I won’t get into the potential he wasted or the good-will he squandered. It’s all been said before.

He could have been King of Columbus but instead decided to be the court Jester. Which is just sad, sad, sad.

Updated: There’s an article by Tom Friend at ESPN chronicling the strange, winding path that has put [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] on a downward spiral.

I also heard on the ESPN Radio this morning that [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] was picked up a block away from the house of someone who was going to be testifying in his robbery court case. Not good. I haven’t been able to confirm this from any other media source. Whether that’s an unfortunate coincidence or it was part of a bigger plan, it’s obvious that [HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED] is in a bad way, mentally and otherwise.

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