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OSU FootballThere’s a good post over at Burnt Orange Nation that looks at the OSU/Texas game in Dallas, and the writer asks if this is the biggest game ever played in Austin. They look at the best games in Austin and, while there have been some good games played in Memorial Stadium, the Ohio State game will be one of the best. This game will no doubt set in motion the landscape of the National Championship picture in early September and it will have a TON of hype to live up to. If it’s anything like last year’s game, it will be another instant classic.

I attended last year’s heartbreaking game at the Horseshoe. It was one of the most electrifying crowds I have ever been a part of but the crowd was also stifling. The author said it best in the comments:

I’m not claustrophobic, but I swear it felt like tOSUs stadium was closing in on me. The place was just surreal. I thought I was in some kind of bad dream half the time. The lights they trucked in only lit up the field, so everybody in the stands just looked like a bunch of ghosts.

That’s exactly how I felt. It made me feel claustrophobic. But being a home game, it was a comfortable discomfort (if that makes sense). Words can’t describe the intensity and the decibel levels. It was insane. So I wonder if they’ll be able to make as much noise as we did. Texas Memorial Stadium’s capacity is 80,082, a far cry from The Horseshoe’s 101,568. Twenty thousand people can make a lot of noise. It will be interesting to see what difference the Texas crowd can make.

It’s not a stretch to say last years game was one of the most important games of the year. Vince Young and Co. had a tremendous confidence boost that propelled them to greatness. This will no doubt be the must-see game of September. Let’s hope Troy Smith and the boys can follow suit.

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