Things that are said with a straight face…

I really dont like to link to video, but it is Friday before the USC game…and Mark May gave me little to no choice whatsoever.

Now, I am the first one to admit that Mr. T. Pryor is probably not going to be the determining factor in this weekend’s game against USC. However, there are some things that I cannot slip by the wayside.

In this craptastic video, Mayday states something that I had to listen to about three times to really make sure that he said it.

Wait for it…wait for it….

“The USC defense will be ready for the running ability of Terrelle Pryor, due to the fact that Mitch “Freakin” Mustain is an experienced quarterback that can RUN with the ball. ”

Oh Mark…there is a difference between running for your life with the football (while playing at Arkansas) and running the football in a manner that Pryor runs with the football (O hai!…with elusiveness and speed).

Let’s break that more time for the SEC and USC fans that may read this…

Mitch Mustain Running Against USC Defense in practice < (that is the symbol for “less than”) Terrelle Pryor Running Against USC Defense in a game situation.

Sweet mother of god…

On a lighter note, since I am already posting videos…this one absolutely makes you wish Mark May was getting ready to “feed his snackhole.”