Keeping things in perspective on a Sunday..

OSU FootballWow…you would have thought that OSU lost yesterday with the negativity flying around the interwebs yeserday and this morning.

First things first…OSU won. A win is a win. I remember a certain team in 2002 knocking off win after win in an ugly fashion. It happens (See UC in 2002). In-state schools will always give OSU their best shot. It is commonplace…like girls reading the “Twilight” series of books (ZOMG…Edward Cullen is so dreamy!!!). It is going to happen and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

Are there questions going into USC? OF COURSE….This team could have put a whoopin’ on the Ohio University Bobcats and we would all still have questions about the potential performance going into next Saturday’s tilt.

So lets look at it this way…I’ll give you guys three options and tell me which postgame emotional state you would prefer to have this Sunday.

You’ll be familiar with two of the three, but the third one happened yesterday and I was there to see the entire debacle in-person.

Option #1 – Winnarrr!!!

OSU beats OU 26-14, but it is ugly. We are talking 2008 UM Quarterbacking ugly…but Hey? A win is a win right?

Option #2 – Loooser!!!

A little ride on the “way back when” machine to 2004. OSU visits Evanston and loses to Northwestern for the first time in almost 30 years. I think that you guys can remember how Sunday morning felt after that game. I recall puking in my mouth a few times that day. OSU fans almost relived that one yesterday.

Option #3 – PAC-10 Refferrrr and The Gold Plated Plates of Provo Community College

Having tickets to all of the U-Dub Husky games this season, I was able to attend the UW – BYU game yesterday. For those of you that follow college football religiously, you already know what happened. Jake Locker scored a touchdown with :02 seconds left in the game to presumably tie the game after the extra point. Locker tossed the ball over his shoulder and cheered with his teammates (ie no taunting of other players at all…PERIOD). Needless to say Mr. Locker was happy…excruciatingly happy. Jake was so happy that the referees threw a flag on him for excessive celebration. Read that again…they threw a flag on the home team for scoring a touchdown with 2-seconds on the clock at HOME to send the game into overtime. The extra point turned into a 35-yard adventure that was eventually blocked. To make things worse and some insult to injury, a player for Washington suffered what looked to be a serious neck injury on the field after BYU converted on a 3rd and long. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium on the field as the trainers were sprinting over to aid the player. It was a very somber moment in the stadium, so what do the BYU fans do? The start chanting BYU-BYU-BYU over and over again while this kid is on the field and he cant move any of his extremities. Stay Classy BYU fans. It was a great game ruined by classless fans and inept referees. How do you think BYU fans would have been treated in Columbus after that stunt? Do you think that those referees would have made it of Columbus alive? How would Sunday feel after that helping of zebra injustiice with an appetizer of “gold-plated” BYU classiness.

So you tell me Buckeye fans, which option seems more reasonable to you going into the game against USC?

That is what I thought. All of us Buckeye fans can get a little overzealous of the “beauty pageant” that is college football. A win is a win…whether it is a 7-6 game or a Barry Switzer special where you “hang a half hundred” on your opponent.

Again…enjoy each of the games this season. No matter how ugly they get, they will still be remembered as wins…the score is of no consequence.