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Post Spring Game Depth Chart: Tight Ends


The Starter:

This years Tight End spot is retained by Marcus Baugh.  The incumbent starter from last season will be looked at for his familiarity in the system, but now all bets are off due to a new position coach and Offensive Coordinator in Kevin Wilson.  The Tight Ends might see an uptick in targets, but unfortunately Baugh was held out due to an injury.  He will be leaned on by the younger players for guidance, but he will be up for the task that Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett established in the past.

Tight End #2:

The Tight End position was used sparingly last season, but during the Spring Game we saw an increase in productivity.  A.J. Alexander and Luke Farrell combined for 50 total yards and a touchdown, which Alexander snagged.  This is even for now, but a lot could change during fall camp.  Factor in the absence of another pair of talented Tight Ends in Jake Hausmann, who was nursing a sprained ankle and Kierre Hawkins, who was used sparingly in the game.  The Tight End battle and their usage will be interesting for the fans to watch.  Hopefully they are used more to aid in the battle to secure receiving threats for years to come.

Post Spring Game Depth Chart: Wide Receiver

Zone 6 is one of the many crowded position groups that Ohio State has on it football roster.  This is evident as just about every group has their share of talented players patiently working for their shot at big boy football at Ohio State, but the Wide Receiver unit is jam-packed with talent.

The Starter #1:

Johnnie Dixon has battled and endured season after season of debilitating injuries to his knees in back-to-back seasons while at Ohio State.  This is most likely his last shot at glory as his eligibility is running out and as he showcased during the annual spring game, he showed his talent en-route to a stellar multi-touchdown game.  He also showed that, when healthy, he can be that deep threat that Ohio State hasn’t seen since Devin Smith.  Johnnie Dixon showed that he is healthy and working towards a comeback that is eerily similar to what Marshon Lattimore went through during his tenure at Ohio State.  If he can produce the same way that Lattimore has during last season, Ohio State will be lethal.  With a new Offensive Coordinator in Kevin Wilson, who is an offensive genius at the helm, the receivers should have the numbers necessary to keep teams unbalanced and on their heels.  With Dixon, he has the speed and the hands to separate and he is a reliable receiver.  His productivity would just depend on his health.

The Starter #2:

K.J. Hill has the talent to start alongside Dixon.  He also has sure hands and has the ability to obtain RAC yards with ease.  He is elusive and shift, but not Dixon shifty.  He won’t beat defender with blazing speed, but he has the strength to break arm tackles and blow through defenders for big gains.  Hill could also catch between defenders, which would be useful during key third down situations.  With the amount of talent on the roster, this second starter at Wide Receiver could go in any direction, but I am sure that Hill has done enough to catch the eye of the coaching staff.  He is also durable and if other go down, the staff could rest assured that Hill and company have the weapons to plug in and play.  He is a big-play waiting to happen and with his suddenness and burst, he could give defenders headaches throughout the season.  He will be leaned on during the entirety of the season to produce for the coaching staff this season as one of the few contributors to last seasons squad.


The need for the next Curtis Samuel is needed to ensure production in the Ohio State passing attack and with his departure, it opened up the door for Parris Campbell, Brendon White and Eric Glover-Williams to make their impression on the coaching staff.  Unfortunately for the last two, Campbell was given many looks and he looks like the eventual starter this fall.  Between his speed and the ability to run after the catch, he will be another weapon and asset to the Buckeye coaching staff.  He will be moved around and utilized similar to many of those before him under Coach Meyer.  There is still a lot of time for him to lose ground, but we will see.


Other Candidates:

There are other names out there and the Class of 2017 will have previously mentioned Brendon White, Trevon Grimes, Jaylen Harris and Ellijah Gardiner coming in this summer.  The also have Austin Mack and Binjimen Victor waiting vying for playing time as well.  For now, they will grind until called upon and under Urban Meyer, waiting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as he has been able to produce NFL caliber players with little to no experience or production.  With another mass exodus, this time with transfers out of the program and the occasional underclassman leaving for the pros, the younger players will have to be ready to be called upon during game days.  Lets hope they will be ready.



Recruiting Spotlight: Dallas Gant


Dallas Gant, an Outside Linebacker prospect from Ohio, just made it official as he is now a part of the Ohio State Class of 2018.  Another top tier and highly sought after recruit, Gant will now add to another stellar recruiting haul under Urban Meyer.  Gant brings more than just star power to this class, he is another recruit that is talking to prospective Buckeye targets to join their squad and be great.  He will most likely focus on recruiting other and getting bigger, faster and stronger before setting foot on campus.  Gant is a rangy, hard-hitting Linebacker that fits the Darron Lee mold.  Always around the ball and aggressive, and he will attempt to get another stud to play alongside him, namely Teradja Mitchell, who is expected to announce next month.

Post Spring Game Depth Chart: Running Backs

The Cadillac position took a back seat in the Spring Game, but they proved their worth and made their presence felt during the course of the game.  The focus for the spring was to focus on working out the kinks in the passing game.  The Running Backs found ways to get involved in the game plan making timely catches and runs when leaned on.

The Starter:

Mike Weber, the returning starter from a season ago proved why he is still considered to be the starter for the Buckeyes.  He runs with anger and he is looking to have another successful season in the Scarlet and Gray.  He looks good early on and he has improved with his vision and patience.  He is still a load to tackle and with the improvements in the passing game, he will take advantage of opposing defenses that are attempting to stop the passing attack that looks to improve.

Running Back #2:

Demario McCall looked like he was shot out of a cannon during the entirety of the Spring Game, which helps him lock down the #2 Running Back on the roster.  He showed the ability to sit in open areas on the field to make clutch catches and the ability to turn down field in a hurry, displaying his playmaking ability. He also has the speed to outrun defender on designed running plays, which make him another asset to the team.  Versatility is key and he will be used to spell a tired Weber during games this year.

Running Back #3:

True Freshman and early enrolee J.K. Dobbins out of little known LaGrange Texas overtook Antonio Williams for this spot on the roster. He is another bruising back that is both strong and fast, a great combination to add to the dynamic in the offensive backfield.  He imposed his will on the defense during the spring and he looks to be another lesser known prospect that could potentially lead to another diamond in the rough.


Running Back #4:

Antonio Williams and the rest of the Running Backs room will be contributing in some form for the team.  Whether it is for scout duty or anything, they will be there waiting for their shot.  Barring any injuries or anything negative, they will contribute.  Until then, it is all just a waiting game.