Paterno Seeks to Freeh Himself from his Past

Sad paterno is sadPenn Live is reporting that Jay Paterno sent a “WILL YOU GO WITH ME YES OR NO CHECK BOX PLZ” letter to Urban Meyer last December, following OSU’s B1G championship win.

The handwritten letter was released as evidence in his Federal case, where Paterno is attempting to show how his famous father’s scandal is keeping him from being fairly considered for coaching positions.

“This note is also to express my interest in any coaching positions that have opened and may open on your staff in the future… For you Ohio State — I would bring a diverse set of experiences on and off the field that would be an asset to your program.”

I’d argue that it’s his horrible handwriting and grammar, combined with his clumsy way of asking for a job, that is keeping him from being considered for coaching positions. Get a copy of MS Word, willya Jay?

And maybe changing your last name would help.

Image courtesy ESPN

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