Game 11 Notes vs. Indiana

osuHelmetWelcome to the weekly installment where we look at the game from a statistical perspective. Feel free to add your thoughts. What stats impressed you? Any stats concern you? Here are 5 stats that stood out to me against Indiana.

20, 5, 1, 1 – Ryan Shazier stole the show yesterday for the defense. He set out to honor Christian Bryant’s #2 and he did just that. His stat line: 20 tackles (16 solo), 5 TFL, 1 sack, and 1 forced fumble. Not a bad day’s work.

39-311, 8.0 – The Buckeye’s have dominated the opposition with their rushing attack all year. This week was not an exception; the offense gained 311 yards on the ground (8.0 yards/rush). No one has been able to stop the ground attack. I don’t want to skip ahead and bypass this hallowed week, but this will be a telling story line for the B1G Championship Game against Michigan State.

4, 2 – I know SYR mentioned this is one of his tweets, but I was on the same wavelength as him. Cam Burrows is going to be a baller! The Hoosiers tried to pick on him multiple times after he entered the game. Cam was up to the task and made some huge plays. He finished the game with 4 tackles and 2 pass defenses (break-ups), but the impact goes well beyond what he was able to do in less than 1 half of play.

3 – The three turnovers left a little to be desired. Not a big deal in a game like this, but losing the turnover battle will be a bigger deal in the weeks to come.

16 – Thank you to the 16 seniors who played their last game at Ohio Stadium.


Any other key stats against Indiana?

GO BUCKS!!! BEAT MICHIGAN!! war eagle!


  1. That stat-line for Shazier is what sticks out for me. That is impressive. He was everywhere on Saturday. What he lacks in technique and fundamentals, he overwhemingly makes up for with hustle and heart.

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