Ohio State versus Penn State Abbreviated Recap aka The Debt – “Paid in Full”


Hey Guys…

Who saw that one coming?

When was the game actually over?

A. Coin Flip

B. First OSU Drive leading to TD

C. First PSU Drive leading to an INT and shaking up an, otherwise steady, freshman QB

D. The moment Mark May ran his talkhole about Penn State upsetting OSU

The troll in me says “coin flip” or Mark May talkie-talkathon of stupidly stupid things, but it was probably the first drive for Penn State. PSU pretty much took it down the field and Hackenberg threw an awful pick in the endzone killing any momentum and really shaking his confidence going forward.

“The Debt,” which was conceived in 1994 in Happy Valley, was finally repaid last night with OSU reciprocating one its worst losses in my lifetime. I know the cool SEC kids and that frosty tipped media mogul will talk about the loss to Florida as one of the worst, but 63-14 in Happy Valley was a tough one for most of to deal with…especially if you were enrolled at the time (*raises hand *realizes age *puts hand back down just as quickly).

Just let that score sink in for a moment…63-14…42-7 at the half. Almost as tasty as Scott Tenorman’s tear at the “Chili con Carvival.”

Offense & Defense

The Ohio State offense was lethal last night. Miller is playing on another level with his passing and actually looks to running with the same level of aggression that was on display his freshman year. Brax accounted for 320 yards of total offense and five touchdowns (3 pass 2 rush)last night. It was a night with a Heisman-type of performance, regardless of the opponent’s inability to play football. Hyde…well…Hyde is just a beast and seems to be hitting his stride at the right time. He is running like Marshawn Lynch and it just makes you wonder how much Heisman consideration he would be getting if he had played every game this season. El Guapo rushewd for 137 yards and two touchdowns.

The defense was solid last night, even with the lack of a pick-6. Outside of a couple of drives and unbelievable backyard football play by Allen Robinson, the defense was stout. “Stout” is a relative term for this defense this year, as they’ll never be confused with the 2002 or 2005 defenses. There are yards to be had against this defense. Hopefully, the occaisional lazy tackle issue (See Cal) has been put to rest, so the defense can actually make the opponents earn yardage and scores. The standouts on the defensive side of the ball for the game were Noah Spence, Curtis Grant, and CJ Barnett. Spence was basically unblockable and wreaked havoc on the Penn State offensive line and Christian Hackenberg. OSU still hasnt had a running back go over 100 yards them this year, but Bill Belton was really close last night showing some skills to make the first tackler miss “A LOT” last night and rolling up a modest 98 yards for the night.

What does all of this mean?

OSU is on a roll right now. They are looking like less and less of an underdog to the teams above them in the BCS standings each week. Like I said in the preview, just enjoy these victories and let the cards fall as they may. With OSU playing at this level, they really should decimate the remaining teams on their schedule until the B1G Championship Game against most likely MSU.

btw…Mucho Thanks to the HBC and the Mizzou kicker really showing the importance “LACES OUT!”

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