Game 4 Notes vs. FAMU

osuHelmetWelcome to the weekly installment where we look at the game from a statistical perspective. Feel free to add your thoughts. What stats impressed you? Any stats concern you? In a game like this there is not a lot to glean from the stays, but here are a few that stood out to me in game 4.

76-0 – One of the most important outcomes in a game that is decided by 76 points is the amount of players that get reps. It was great to see some many players down the depth charts get in the game. Let’s be honest, there were players out there that you had no idea who they were nor ever seen their name before! That’s when you know your team has won by 76 points.

14 plays, 98 yards, TOP 10:15 – So this drive didn’t mean anything in the outcome of the game, but the fact the 3rd and 4th string (and beyond in some cases) could manufacture a drive of such magnitude in the fourth quarter was impressive. Urban was able to keep every player on the roster focused and ready to play til the last whistle. As was reported multiple times during the game, the competition is hot and heavy this year for playing time. Great win, but even more impressive was the fact players competed to the very end.

6 – Congratulations to Kenny Guiton for throwing a school record 6 touchdown passes! What a game half!

162 – SYR already touched on this in his instant reaction, but Ezekiel Elliott had himself a game. 162 yards and 2 TD’s on only 14 carries. The running back position is deep. It was nice to see another freshman shine this week. It was Dontre Wilson last week and Ezekiel this week.

4, 39, 46 – The amount of plays, yards, and time it took for the Buckeyes to be up 20-0 (not 21 or 22 due to failed 2 pt. conversion). If one of the goals of the game was to start fast, I don’t know how the Buckeyes could have done any better. The Buckeyes have outscored opponents 102-14 in the 1st quarter through 4 games.

Any other key stats against FAMU?

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