Game 2 Notes vs. San Diego State

osuHelmetWelcome to the weekly installment where we look at the game from a statistical perspective. Feel free to add your thoughts. What stats impressed you? Any stats concern you? Here are 5 stats that stood out to me in week 2.

7 – The number of players that recorded a rushing attempt and caught a pass. While I think we were all impressed with Kenny Guiton, I thought the team played much better as a whole. Multiple players contributed and rallied to overcome the absence of Braxton Miller.

23 – Even more impressive to me is the fact the 23 defensive players recored at least 1 tackle in the game. Of course the number of players msy be skewed a little becasuse backups were in the game, but the team defense was strong especially against the run. They held the Aztecs to 64 net rushing yards. I was also impressed by the pass rush. The Buckeye D-line was in the backfield a lot, recording 3 sacks on the day.

3-3 – The number of redzone chances resulting in touchdowns. The buckeyes were 1-1 in this category last week. This tells me two things. When the Buckeyes get in the red zone, they are making it count (100% touchdowns thru 2 games). Also, the big play ability of the offense has been off the charts. The Buckeyes have scored 11 touchdowns in 2 games. 7 of the 11 have been plays > 20 yards. Wow!

1 – I was happy to see Dontre Wilson score his first touchdown as a Buckeye. His speed is going to an X-factor for this offense. After the game he spoke about scoring his first touchdown and moving on from his fumble last week:

“When I saw the endzone I had to get there. I think about it [fumbling last week] all the time. I wish I had that play back, but you have to move on and keep playing. I’m way faster than a lot of people. Now, I have to go out and prove it.”

8/75 – Not too much negative for this game, but if there is one stat that could use improvement – dumb penalties. Most of the pentaliies yesterday were mental mistakes. You can live with some pentailies resulting from agressive play, but too many mental errors especially on the offensive line (I am looking at you Marcus Hall). I think this will be a point of emphasis in practice this week.

All in all a very impressive game. Any other key stats?


  1. I love reading these stats on the game but some numbers that confuse me are in this weeks ap poll…3rd place clemson with 1,322 points and 4th place Ohio State with 1,327 points how exactly does this work…

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