OSU v Penn State – Recap

Braxton Miller seemed to finally get that zone read thingy right…and there was much rejoicing.

It was your typical OSU game this season.  Offense starts out slow and you consider throwing yourself into traffic, but just like clockwork Braxton Miller comes to life and puts the offense into a gear that most Buckeye fans still havent been able to completely comprehend.

There were a few things atypical about the game.  The OSU defense looks like it has turned the corner and has started to tackle much better, and is also getting regular pressure on quarterback.  Yays!

Btw…Who would ever think that a school of Penn State’s size couldnt produce a semi-competent kicker from the student population?  They need to take the UM approach and find the most unathletic person at the school to be the kicker…it lowers expectations, but hey, “brunettes” and probably donuts…lots and lots of donuts.

As much as I think it will still be unlikely, 12-0 looks like a real possibility now.


  • Zone Read Decisions for Braxton #allgame
  • D-Line put pressure on McGloin all game
  • Boren could have been an All-American LB if he played there all of his years at OSU.  Guy is amazing and he is starting to pick up pass coverage now, as well.
  • Nice game by Bennett and Hankins shutting down the middle
  • Limited amount of missed tackles in the secondary
  • Braxton going Nebraska-mode on Penn State Defense
  • Shazier sack and pick six in the same series.
  • Carlos Hyde is a stud.  Feels like we are watching the second-coming of Raymont Harris. #ultraback
  • Defense did not give a touchdown until 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter.


  • Passing game is turribull.  Not Michigan passing game turribull, but pretty bad.
  • Found out who will be the most held d-line player after John Simon graduates…Noah Spence.
  • John Simon is hurt?  Sure seemed like he was hobbling a little bit.  Illinois and a bye week would seem to be the best tonic for that ailment.
  • “Out and Up” – We know that a couple of the players in the secondary will be playing on Sundays, but it would be nice if they didn’t fall for the double-move EVERY TIME.
  • Last touchdown for Penn State everyone knew what was coming including Shazier and he still left the TE open.  *Sigh* Assignment football…Well, at least the defense will have more to work on this week.

Turning Point of the Game:

  • Some people will say that it was the questionable holding call on the punt late in the 1st half, but Griffin’s pass break-up on the fake punt was immense.  Gave the Buckeyes their best starting field position of the game.  Huge momentum swing.


One More Thing:

The only reason that Penn State lost?  WELL, THE REFS OF COURSE!!!



  1. A win vs. Penn State makes me oh so happy…I have tons of respect for their head coach who has done a good job with the hand he’s been dealt, but I cannot stand many of their players and fans.

    Mike Mauti is….interesting to watch. If he did more playing and less yelling he’d be a hell of a player.

    When Braxton figures out how to throw the ball with poise, this offense will be unstoppable. That blown TD in the first quarter to Brown was inexcusable. He also had some badly overthrown balls to Smith on wide open out routes. PSU was daring Miller to beat them with the pass and they almost couldn’t do it. Love me some Miller though…he’s still a pup.

    The defense lead by Fickell was outstanding. So much pressure on the magic ginger…just knew he would throw one up for grabs.

    Bring on the Fighting Illini and 60 points…

  2. Yeah, that was pretty much my take as well. I was glad to see improved tackling, but DB’s need to be aware that receivers can make more than one move.. Just lad that Roby has good closing speed.


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