Indiana quick reaction

Deeper analysis is still to come, but a few items to consider in the meantime:

  • The offense performed exactly as expected. While Braxton and Hyde are obviously getting the majority of the attention, the main reason OSU’s offense is clicking is due to the beastly play of the young line. Barring major injuries to the key players, it’s very likely that we’ll continue to see this level of production through at least 2013.
  • Will the coaches go back to Jordan Hall once he returns from injury? The offense didn’t start clicking until the power rushing game became a factor with Hyde and Smith.
  • Speaking of injuries, before we overanalze OSU’s defensive weakness, we should keep in mind how decimated they are by injuries. It goes beyond not having Williams, Sabino, or Klein tonight, among the others who are not playing. When your team has to use its fullback to play linebacker, your coaches are offically scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  • That aside, kudos to Zach Boren for not only stepping in, but stepping up and doing his best. He’s been a selfless player for his entire career at OSU, and this should go a long way to setting a great example of leadership for the younger players.
  • 4 dropped interceptions.
  • Special teams continue to struggle. It is what it is. Don’t expect much improvement for the remainder of the season.
  • We hereby nominate the officiating crew with the Helen Keller Trophy for the worst officiating since the 2007 Illinois game.
  • Indiana has made one statement after another for the past two years. They have finally seen the light and invested heavily in their football program. They have good coaches, are getting good recruits, and have massively improved facilities. They deserve credit for this.
  • Best wishes to Jerry Kill.

More to follow later.


  1. As much as I like to argue and complain…… there isn’t one thing in this post I disagree with. Great write up.

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