Eddie George Not Resting on his Laurels

Former OSU running back and Heisman winner Eddie George has a new career: Shakespearean Actor.

George dons the toga to star in Julius Caesar, now playing at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

After retiring from the NFL, Eddie pursued his dream of becoming an actor. He worked with acting coaches to refine his skills and eventually landed the role of Caesar.

Via NPR:

Denice Hicks of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival knows some of those fans will come out to see Julius Caesar because of him, but, she says, “he’s a really strong actor — really, really strong.”

“And,” she says, he has “a charismatic stage presence. There is no other actor who could play Caesar the way he could.”

George’s Caesar sports a bald head and a toga. He looks confident without being cocky. While he’s relaxed and soft-spoken offstage, onstage, his voice booms.

Audience member Sherry Lawler isn’t a football fan, but she says George has a stage presence that’s reminiscent of a famous actor in an iconic role.

“He reminds me of Yul Brynner in The King and I,” she says.

Below is the All Things Considered profile on the former Heisman winner. Those heading to the Nashville area can buy tickets on the NSF site.



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