The Light…

…at the end of the tunnel.

His name is Urban Meyer and he will be responsible for putting to bed on of the darkest periods in OSU football history. The last time Ohio State’s football team lost 7 games the state capitol of Pennsylvania was destroyed in a fire. The Klondike gold rush began, and Grant’s Tomb was officially dedicated. This year was officially BS.

The 2011-2012 season is officially over thank the lord. It was a fitting end to a dismal season. Special team let downs and let downs by key seniors highlighted a sloppily played game by OSU’s offense and special team.

Ohio State’s defense played well limiting the Gators to 263 yards total offense and actually out-gained the Gators. Andre Debose took a kickoff following a Braxton Miller touchdown to Devier Posey 99 yards completely untouched. OSU tacked on a late first half field goal after Miller overthrew a wide open Posey in the end zone. In the 2nd half the Buckeye special teams let down was continued as Florida blocked a punt and ran it back 14 yards for a touchdown.

Posey and Herron had 2 fumbles combined and J.B. Shugarts and at least 2 false start penalties that I know of before I forced myself to zone out and start making fun of Penn State. We also had Jim Bollman going out with a band and running play action on 3rd and longs multiple times. Can ANYONE tell me why ANY offensive coordinator runs play action on 3rd and long? Who on Earth are you trying to fool? End rant.

So yeah…the game was tough to watch…

Moving forward…

Jim Bollman is gone.

Urban Meyer and a great coaching staff are in.

The future looks bright…or certainly brighter than it’s been in the past year.


  1. Ed Warriner who is also from Notre Dame and was coaching the offensive line as well as being the running game coordinator. At Ohio State, Warriner will be the offensive line coach once more, taking over for Jim Bollman.

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