Penn Shtate Recap – Questions Answered…Painfully

Weekly questions……

1.) Will OSU slow down Silas Redd and hold him under 100 yards?

Yes, but apparently the OSU defense had never seen the wildcat before this game.

2.) Will OSU score any TDs? 

Yes, but could have really used one more.

3.) Over/Under passing attempts for Braxton set at 8. What do you got?

Over (17).  Completed 7, but that 8th completion should have been a touchdown…looking at you traiterous catching abilities of Corey Brown

4.) Who has more rushing yards Boom or Braxton?

Braxton…created many opportunities for PSU defenders to pick up jockstraps on option plays.

5.) How many times will Braxton be sacked in this game?

I only counted two, but I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong

6.) Greater number of media mentions? OSU NCAA Issues or Penn State Issues.

Really didnt seem to mention either too much.

7.)What is the final score?


This team cannot afford to start in the hole again this week against UM.  UM will be fired up and they will be ready (Well..they better be ready).  Regardless, I am still not sold on UM, as they really dont have a good win under their belt this year in my opinion.     Dont say Nebraska that team has been awful since it lost to Northwestern, regardless of its results against Penn State in State College.  Sorry, I am sure that will draw some ire of the readers, but this feels like a role reversal in the making from the 1993 game where OSU came in at 9-0-1 (with a lone tie at Wisconsin).  UM looks like a paper tiger right now.  Granted, OSU is losing to paper tigers and any other type of oragami-type of animal right now, so I guess we’ll just have to see how this week goes.  Just remember…last regular season game of Walrus-Ball.

btw…Any coaching staff that could keep Shazier on the bench for this long should be fired, rehired, and fired again just for principle.




  1. Maybe it’s survivor guilt or something, but my hatred cannon, normally aimed squarely at Penn State, was holstered during this game. Maybe it’s numbness. Either way, this loss was no more or less painful than the other five this season.

  2. el Kaiser, perhaps this is what we’ve come to expect at this point.

    YNBA, concernier Shazier; I see where he was named Big 10 Frosh of week.. only to reinforce your point.

    Regarding this coming week’s game; if we come out ready to play for 60 minutes (rather than our typical 45) and mistake free ball (looking at you Brewster & Shugarts) as well as deciding to tackle, we can win this game w/o too much stress. If we continue the way we have been playing.. hide the ‘wimmin & chilrun’, it’ll be ugly.

  3. That was an empty loss…feels like these guys (with the exception of Shazier, Miller, and a few others) have mailed it in. Hopefully, they are a spirited bunch on Saturday. Otherwise, there will definitely be an soul-cleansing arse whooping on deck.

  4. Thanks for all the laughs this season, bucks.

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