Did the NCAA suspend Tresselball too?


  1. Jay Roubini says

    Tressel may be disappointed but this is his hand picked staff of unqualified assistants/coaches who were never in demand elsewhere. An uncreative staff of cronies, family and friends that never challenged his ego, especially on the offensive side. A staff that’s stupid enough to bench their superstar RB after his criticism halftime at the MSU game and not run him on that crucial 3rd and short against Nebraska as the game turned. Carlos Hyde was pounding the ball ahead more successfully all night but undersized Jordan Hall continued to get the calls between the tackles. We’re stuck this season with a staff that’s sure to feature questionable moves all season long. I’m not forgetting it was Gene Smith who sat there all these years allowing Tressel to fail in attracting the nations top offensive assistant talent. One of the nations largest programs and the AD failed to manage and protect it from problems he clearly should have been prepared for. Question: fair criticism or just ramblings of a disgruntled fan?

  2. @Jay- Why do you keep saying they benched Hall after he criticized the coaches at halftime?

    Where have you heard this “rumor”? Do you have any links to this benching?

    I am curious because I havent seen or heard this on any of the sites I visit daily. Wondering if their is a site I should be reading as well that I currently am not.

  3. @Monkey- OSU went up 27-6 at the 11 minute mark left in the 3rd qtr. They finished the rest of the 3rd qtr with 9 rushes and 3 passes. They then had 7 rushes and 8 passes in the 4th qtr. So after going up 27-6 they went 16 rushes and 11 passes. Not exactly abandoning the rush game. I am just saying and not trying to pick a fight 🙂

  4. Jay Roubini says

    @S-YR the reference isn’t a vague rumor it was discussed on 97.1 the fan several times last week. Adam Neft’s The Buckeye Show

    Carlos Hyde’s comments post game were later broadcast on that station followed by Fickell being asked about it. Fickell acknowledged the story but obviously didn’t care to elaborate.

  5. @Jay- I live in Pittsburgh so dont listen to 97.1 much at all and considering the amount of horrible hosts they have tweeting on twitter I doubt I would listen if I could.

    The link doesnt work so I didnt get to hear it still. What were Carlos Hyde’s comments?

    The only thing I have heard was he was dinged up during the game. Considering the amount of media coverage that OSU has gotten the past year with ESPN and SI jumping at each and every negative rumor they can about OSU I am shocked that this one didnt get much coverage at all by local or national media whether it is true or not. I cant find anything about it through google either….. A very strange rumor to say the least.

  6. Jay Roubini says

    @SYR Hyde’s comments were simple and brief “guess they didn’t like my input on what type of plays could work” a very brief statement. I’m not promoting THE FAN or anything but this was my main source. you can easily dig for that show at the site http://www.971thefan.com/

    Carlos Hyde=Bennie Wells

  7. @SYR – technically, there were 10 passes and 6 rushes during the four Bauserman drives. (I’m not counting Baus’ sacks as rushes because he was attempting to pass on those – which is even worse IMO.)

    6 called rushes. 6. While attempting to preserve a lead. SIX.

    Seriously – I’ve done the number crunching on this. Bauserman’s four drives lasted 6:28 total. Had OSU done nothing but take three knees and punt for each of his drives, snapping the ball at 0 game clock each time, that would have taken 12 minutes or more off the clock.

    Ergo, OSU left over 6 minutes of offense on the field by simply not even taking three knees and punting. (Obviously, they would have chewed up more with a single first down or two.)

    Anyway, a minimum of 6 minutes of extra offense were handed to Nebraska because Bollman ordered him to pass. Working backwards from the end of the game, subtracting 6 minutes of Nebraska offense time off the game wipes at least one TD, and possibly two, off the Nebraska total, and makes their last drive AT BEST a game-tying drive attempt.

    However, that assumes that OSU does nothing but take knees and punt!! With a single first down (which were not hard at all to come by via Hyde and company), Nebraska AT BEST would have spent its last few minutes rallying close and attempting an onside kick to earn an attempt at a game-tying drive.

    All because Bollman called 10 passes and 6 rushes while Bauserman was on the field.

    (One final point: Nebraska’s last go-ahead TD came after the Bauserman interception. Had he not been passing… Nebraska would not have intercepted the ball and put its offense back on the field for that go-ahead TD…)

  8. @sM, interesting take on ramifications of play calling, thanks. I have a question for the class; over the past couple years, who has been pimping Bauserman as the “passer” of our QB candidates? Is it becasuse of his history with baseball that there is an assumption that throwing is a transferable skill? Is it because he’s slow, white and not that all athletic that someone feels they have to say something good about him? I don’t get it.

  9. I just think Abandon was the wrong choice of word…. They clearly kept running the ball until the last drive on every single 1st down but 1. I am not here to defend anyone or anything just trying to keep it 100% Real as the kids say these days.

  10. Just wanted to double check OSU tried to pass on 1st down 3 times… 1.) Stoneburner TD (success) 2.)Incomplete pass (Not a Failure) 3.) Sack (Not a Failure)

    Failure = INT lol

    I really feel like they didnt throw the ball enough in the game just to keep the defense honest. Running game was working great until the OL started losing in the trenches due to fatigue and lack of depth to give them a break. The same had an effect on our defense lack of depth and exhaustion led to break downs later in the game.

    As bad as the loss hurts there was a lot of good to come away from the game and a hopeful sign of things to come.

  11. @SYR – “I really feel like they didnt throw the ball enough in the game”

    Maybe my sarcasto-meter is broken LOL. Because it sounds like you’re saying that the method they used to get 27 points and 350 yards in 2 1/2 quarters wasn’t working?

    The OL did not suffer from fatigue in the slightest (they only played for 6 minutes of the last ~20, remember). They didn’t lose in the trenches at all – Bauserman had all day to throw his incompletions and interceptions.

    The defense was almost certainly fatigued… as Bollman’s scheme ensured only a minute or two came off the clock during the offensive drives. The defense didn’t even have time to take their helmets off before they had to head back out there.

    I didn’t think (or intend to convey) that they didn’t rush at all. By “abandon” I meant abandon the rush-first game scheme. The height of stupidity, IMO, to say “hey that’s working just fine and we need to keep doing it to win… so let’s put a guy out there and have him do something completely different that not only won’t work but that he’s notoriously bad at doing anyway.” Ugh.

  12. @Jay- Sorry I still cant find a single thing about this on their website or anywhere on the internet.

    Maybe it was said on 97.1 the fan but at this point I doubt it has any truthfulness to it or it would have been picked up on by the media.

  13. Jay Roubini says

    @ SYR~The media has continued to pick up on the growing frustration Carlos Hyde has with the coaching staff. You might have viewed it as a minor footnote of a cocky underclassmen’s season but just my observation that Hyde’s remarks, the subsequent exchange and confrontation with Bollman, led directly to the shocking collapse of the team in Lincoln and more importantly stamped the pivotal watershed moment that hindsight will assign this season. Re-watching both games it’s easy to observe as others here have pointed out Bollman deference to Hall at crucial points failed the team.

  14. @ Jay – I saw Hyde’s tweets… he’s clearly frustrated. He’s without question a better power RB than Hall is. And with Boom’s return, he knows his touches this season just got a lot fewer. In a way, I feel bad for the guy.

    However, Hall is a more versatile player. Hall is not only the fastest guy on the team, he’s known for being one of the fastest guys in the country. When Jon Gruden came to visit OSU over the summer, he left and said “no question, Hall is the best player on that team.”

    Hall is this team’s Teddy Ginn… he can do anything asked of him. Any decent offensive coordinator would be using him like Urban used Percy Harvin… as a half-RB half-WR. Unfortunately, we don’t have a decent OC.

    OSU’s next offensive coordinator will definitely do it. And Boom will be in the NFL by then. Does anyone else really understand how loaded this team is going to be next year/year after? Holy cow. Whoever inherits this team will be given pure gold – Miller, Hall, Hyde, Smith. Sheesh.

    Imagine if Troy Smith, Beanie Wells, and Teddy Ginn, and Chris Carter played on the same team. That’s what OSU has in 2012/2013… and if they get a decent OC… oh holy cow. Watch out.

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