An Open Letter to Luke Fickell and Jim Bollman


I do not envy you for the situation you inherited this year. Even veteran, elite coaches must sympathize at the terrible hand you have been dealt. Still, however, one wonders why, with the challenging situation in which you have found yourselves, you would choose to sabotage your chances of putting the team in a position to succeed.

In particular, I am referring to the use of Joe Bauserman as quarterback. While his on-field struggles are well-known to anyone that has seen OSU play, one stat in particular stands out: In his career, Bauserman has a 37.5% completion rate against teams from BCS conferences.

I will say this again — Bauserman completes less than 38% of his passes against BCS AQ teams.

I could ask all sorts of questions about the wisdom of using this “quarterback,” especially the mind-numbing decision to use him to replace Miller at Nebraska. Instead, I will ask only two questions, and neither is about Bauserman:

  • What is it about Kenny Guiton and/or Taylor Graham that makes them so incompetent that they are not being given a chance to play this season? (Followup: Why are they at Ohio State if they are so incompetent?)
  • If incompetence is not the issue, and there is another ‘hidden’ concern (such as team discipline), then shouldn’t that be explained to Buckeye Nation so that your own coaching skills aren’t called into question? (Followup: Should they be allowed to transfer?)



  1. Tressel recruited these guys, so they should have at least some level of talent.

    The real question should be, what is wrong with Nick Siciliano, that QB development is either slow or non-existent?

    Braxton Miller used to be able to throw without issue. Bauserman didn’t overthrow this horribly last season. I could understand if those throws were made while under pressure, but there was none on some of these passes.

  2. RedQueenRace says

    Well, if Guiton and Graham are really that bad (and I don’t see how they can be) it’s pointless to ask Fickel and Bollman why this situation exists. This is Tressel’s doing.

  3. I think they should both transfer…I would

  4. Culp's Freaking Hill says

    Luis: it was pointed out by former OSU QB Justin Zwick that Nick Siciliano has no real business being in his current position as his last QB experience was as a backup in high school (I did not look into this to see any evidence).
    RedQueenRace: current play calling and personnel decisions are not Tressel’s doing.
    Mike: they seriously should transfer as it’s very possible Cardale Jones will be our second string QB beginning next year unless he redshirts.

    I do agree with this post.

  5. RedQueenRace says

    @Culp: I am saying IF our other QBs are so bad that JB is the best option after Miller that is Tressel’s doing. They were recruited on his watch and Guiton’s first 2 years of development was under Tressel.

    This was in response to

    “(Followup: Why are they at Ohio State if they are so incompetent?)”

    in the post.

    I was not commenting on the playcalling and personnel decisions. At QB they have to work with what was left to them if Miller goes down.

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