Attention MSU fans…

Don’t gloat too much, because if we want your coach in four months, we’ll take him. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Consider him on loan to you while we figure out what to do with Fickell and Meyer.

Buckeye fans, stay tuned. The game recap will be posted soon – expect plenty of anti-Bollman sentiment.




  2. I would take the coach at(insert any school…for sake of closure say, Idaho here)over watching another Bollman coached offense. I bleed Buckeye but I really don’t think I can watch this train wreck any more. I wish Luke had a better shot, but he hasn’t helped himself one bit! Hell let Vrabel call the plays!!! It can’t get any worse!!!!

  3. I was thinking about this a lot this evening. I think I’d be okay with Dantonio as our head coach.

    I think they need to line up Bollman at QB so he can feel what nine sacks feel like.

  4. BraxtonsBackSurgery says

    As difficult as it is to accept, MSU has a more stable program right now. Good luck getting Urban Meyer.

  5. Nine Sacks says

    O-H….OH-NOES! Seriously though, I know some people close to Dantonio and they say grown men with painted faces disgust him, so it doesn’t look good for OSU.

  6. Dantonio doesn’t want anything to do with your disaster of a football program. Good luck in the Pizza Pizza Bowl, or getting to any bowl game this year, losers.


    Suck it.

    Go Green.

  7. MSU could win 14 games this year, win the national championship, and have a player win the Heisman — and Dantonio will still leave burn marks in the Sparty parking lot if OSU offers him the job.

    The only way he’s coaching at MSU next year is if OSU decides to go a different direction.

  8. Correction: there is one scenario where Dantonio wouldn’t take an offer: if he felt his health problems would interfere with his ability to coach at OSU for more than a few seasons. In that case he may prefer to finish his career at Sparty where things are easier and consequences less-important.

  9. ZING! Get em Monkey!

  10. TedSheckler says

    OOoooohhhh you’ll take their coach!! big deal you can have a average coach that got his doors blown off by a SEC team,a wait that would fit right in Cowtown!

  11. Regardless of the fact that OSU is struggling on and off the field, it is still a top destination for ANY head coach in the country.

    Michigan State is a stepping stone program. Does anyone actually think Dantonio was holding out for Michigan State? LOL…

    PS…Nick Saban says hi…and that he doesn’t miss you.

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