Big Ten Preview: Week Two

The Big Ten will crank up the level of competition this week, which wouldn’t be hard to do as the 12 members of one of the toughest conferences in the nation played Alex and Dan’s Trucking School For The Awesome, East Toronto JV West, Poughkeepsie Beauty School, True Blood Academy, Jim Jay Bullock Actors For Freedom, Whitehall Kindergarten, Duck, Duck, Goose High, Chutes and Ladders North, and USC in week one.

Heck, Minnesota nearly pulled of the upset of USC but fell just short.

Alabama vs. Penn State

Penn State will take on #2 in the Nation Alabama. Last week PSU played some terrible D1AA school and won 41-7. Silas Redd had a decent game and should get a ton of action vs. a damn good Alabama team. Trent Richardson will get a bunch of work on the other side of the ball. Both schools really aren’t settled at QB. PSU will most likely start Rob Bolden. But they will also play Matt McGloin who is a giant douche. Alabama could also play two QB’s. Other than home field advantage, Penn State doesn’t have much going for them. They have a really bad QB situation, a struggling offense and a coach that needs this:

Notre Dame vs. Michigan

This will be the first night game in Ann Arbor…ever. So they finally figured out how to turn on lights in Michigan. Fantastic!

Next up we have a battle of two teams that have been struggling to get back to their once former glory. Michigan an Notre Dame. Both of these teams remind me of Andy Dick. They used to be decent back in the day, but now…now they are just REALLY embarrassing. I shall call this the Andy Dick Bowl.

I really don’t know what to make of either team. Notre Dame is already 0-1 after losing to mighty South Florida and Michigan played some other crap team in Michigan until Brady Hokes tummy starting growling and the refs called the game for thunder (and lighting). Can’t we just have both teams get swallowed up by Mego Streisand?

Anyway, here is a great video of my new favorite college head coach molding the hearts and minds of 18-22 year olds in Notre Dame:

Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

This will be Wisconsin’s toughest OOC opponent…and Oregon State lost to a D1AA school last week. When will the Honey Badgers sack up and actually play a decent OOC team?

This game will be a blowout. They will run all over Oregon State and Russell Wilson will have another big day. And I will be totally unimpressed. Anyway here is a video of the Badgers next opponent:

Here is the rest of the docket:

Iowa @ Iowa State
Florida Atlantic @ MSU
Toledo @ Ohio State
South Dakota State @ Illinois
Eastern Illinois @ Northwester
New Mexico State @ Minnesota
Purdue @ Rice
Virginia @ Indiana
Fresno State @ Nebraska


  1. As much as it pains me, I will be rooting for Penn State this week.

    And please, Indiana, win a non-conference game.

  2. Yeah….me to. GO STATE…or something.

    Indiana is trrible.

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