And The Hits Just Keep On Coming…

(via ABC6)

COLUMBUS, Ohio— As part of its continued work with the NCAA to resolve any remaining football compliance issues, Ohio State today announced that it has self-reported violations involving three student-athletes. That review has led to junior running back Jordan Hall, sophomore defensive back Corey Brown, and junior defensive back Travis Howard disclosing that they had received impermissible benefits of $300 or less each in total at a charity event they attended earlier in the year.

Consistent with past practice, the university immediately reviewed this information and self-reported the infractions to the NCAA and the Big Ten. In accordance with NCAA regulations, the university will not permit them to participate in the Sept. 3 game versus Akron. Although Ohio State has filed for their reinstatement for the remainder of the 2011 season, the university also is considering institutional sanctions for these student-athletes.

Athletics Director Gene Smith said, “We take this matter seriously. Our commitment to institutional integrity is steadfast, and we must hold everyone associated with our athletics programs accountable for lapses in judgment. We believe in transparency with the NCAA, all regulatory bodies and all of Buckeye Nation.”

The university will have no further comment.


  1. This sucks, mostly because I really, really, really wanted to see Hall and Howard in action.

    I’ll wait to see what these guys actually did (sub-$300 at a charity event makes me think it was probably not something that is so obviously wrong) before I get too upset about it.

  2. At some point these kids need to understand that they can’t take ANYTHING until they find out it’s okay first.

    PS…the gift baskets for bowl games…the kids get HOOKED up.

    Something just isn’t right with this…

  3. @Kade – when the NCAA okays it, nothing is wrong. When some well meaning charity does it, it’s high crime.

  4. I would also like to point out that it took days for any mention of the Miami scandal to hit the ESPN front page. These new suspensions were on ESPN less than an hour after the news broke.

  5. Noticed that when discussion these suspensions today on CFB Live, no mention was made of the charity event, only that they took impermissible benefits of THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS (or less). They did make sure to bring up the tattoo suspensions again though.

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