Fickell’s Cred

We have months (and perhaps years) to analyze Luke Fickell. And we shall.

But first, let’s let former head coach John Cooper properly introduce the man:

That man is now your head coach.

That man, who played through torn biceps to lead his team to a Rose Bowl victory and secure a school-record 50 consecutive starts, is now your head coach.

That man, who started on a line that went 41-8-1, who went to high school and won the state wrestling championship six miles away from the Horseshoe, who coached the special teams during OSU’s championship season (where he was given credit as ‘the one who single-handedly turned the punt and FG units into the conference’s best’), who was named Assistant Coach of the Year, who turned down a job at Notre effing Dame a few years ago to stay at OSU, and who served on a coaching staff that got two Michigan coaches to resign or be fired… that man is now your head coach.

Born and bred with the cred.

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