Fighting Back…

Let’s just say Storm Kleins dad doesn’t agree with the SI article:

“I have raised my son right,” Jason Klein stressed Thursday evening. “Storm has no tattoos on his body whatsoever. He doesn’t have a drug problem, and multiple tests prove that. I have every single bit of his Ohio State memorabilia in my possession.”

“I will be meeting with attorneys shortly to pursue action against the NCAA and Sports Illustrated,” he continued. “That’s all I have to say at this time.”


  1. Awesome. Rip ’em a new one!

  2. My major concern with this is…… Why is he threatening to sue the NCAA as well? Unless he knos Storm is going to be unjustly suspended as well.

    Also, rumor is John Simon is suing as well….

  3. I met the Storm family after the Rose Bowl game in Cali, they were very nice stopping for a picture and Storm even signed my shirt. Hard to blame a father for being upset when his son doesn’t even have a tattoo.

  4. They don’t want to be lumped in with the rule-flouting idiots, evidently. And if they’ve been unfairly mischaracterized as part of that group, I say good for them. I’d go to war for my kid, if he wasn’t in the wrong, and if Klein (and Simon) are not, then they SHOULD take action. It’s one thing to write an article about the kids you KNOW messed up (TP, et al)–it’s another thing to start throwing out names indiscriminately.

    Whatever the case here, I hope Fickell takes a no-tolerance approach to rulebreakers…

  5. After re-reading the portion of the article that mentioned Klein, it sadly appears as if SI covered itself against the possibility.

    The portion read: “Ellis says that
    he witnessed nine other active players swap memorabilia or give autographs for tattoos or money. Those players were…” and Klein was one of them.

    If Klein doesn’t have tattoos, then SI’s response will be that he did it for untraceable cash.

    And if Klein’s father still has all of his memorabilia, SI’s response will be that he gave autographs instead.

    It’s all so cleverly worded that defending his reputation will be as tough as possible for his father.

    The sad thing is, people aren’t paying enough attention to the main issue: that SI’s source was not only likely making things up, but that it’s so obvious and transparent that this is the case. How can you remember something as specific as 28 players names over the course of 8 years, and yet not remember exactly who traded for tattoos and who for cash?

  6. Just realized something…

    Ellis was a codename. Like I wrote above, any defamation lawsuit would be deflected by SI with a “…we were only reporting what Ellis claimed” defense.

    SI would then be put in a pretty predicament. They’d either be forced to:

    1) protect their source’s true identity, which would make them appear dodgy and suspicious

    2) Reveal the source’s name, which would expose them as journalistic frauds while making it easy for others to investigate the source themselves (which SI doesn’t want because the allegations would likely be proven false by unbiased investigators).

    My guess is that if Klein et. al file suit, Dohrmann and SI will protect their source at all costs and try to settle. I hope the Kleins won’t accept it.

  7. While the article does acknowledge that Ohio State would not allow current players to comment for the story, there is no mention of any attempt to contact their families. It seems like a logical next step for a journalist actually attempting to handle new accusations fairly. Since such little effort was made to present a balanced picture, Klein and Simon (and hopefully others) may have something they can attack.

  8. I really don’t care if the Simons and/or the Kleins do sue SI…

    It’s good to finally see someone stand the hell up and defend OSU players.

    The negative spin the media put on this from day one has been laughable.

    If feels DAMN good to see some OSU folks come out swinging…

  9. I doubt a suit ever comes to fruition….. this is just a really good PR ploy to put doubt in the story and help the kids in the public opinion part of this fight.

    Truth is without real evidence, not rumors and innuendos the players wont face any suspensions. They will however need to prove their innocence in the public courts. Most outside of Buckeye Nation and some inside of it have found these guys guilty based on this sham of an SI story and the more we hear from our guys side the more it appears the article is full fo lies and misinformation. Dohrmann either is a fraud or he got burned by a drug addict and felon in “Ellis”. My guess is BOTH.

  10. If Klein and/or Simon is innocent, I doubt that you could catergorize this suit as a “PR ploy”. Unless you are suggesting that the University is paying for the legal representation in this suit. If either player was my son and innocent, I’m looking for a public retraction in the magazine, a personal apology in writing to my son and our family from Dohrman, legal fees and a few bucks for emotional stress.

  11. I am suggesting it is a PR Ploy for Klien and Simon and now Nate too….. No one knows who is paying this lawyer although some have asked him he hasnt answered that question. The problem is it isnt a case they can win as SI is smart enough to word the article to cover their butts. But the case is winnable in the court of public opinion. All they need to do is cast doubt on the story and make Dohrmann and SI look shady at best liars at worse. Thats what I am suggesting is going on here. No one has officially filed a lawsuit yet just threatened too and that is a great PR ploy IMO.

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