Rumor: Luke Fickell Finalist For Miami (Ohio) Job

Fickell, one of the best coordinators in the country could be taking his talents to South Beach (not really, but I couldn’t resist)

This would be a huge loss for the Buckeye’s as Fickell is one of their best coaches as well as one of their best recruiters.

Stay tuned…


  1. NorCal Buckeye says

    Um, I didn’t see any sand when I was in Oxford, OH.

  2. NorCal Buckeye-It was a joke…

  3. NorCal Buckeye says

    Just messing with ya, but wasn’t sure until those clarifications were added.

  4. J. Daniel Rollins says

    he needs some Head Coaching experience. Something tells me he’s going to get a call for a big job in a couple years.

  5. That would be a huge loss for the program..losing our 2 best assistant coaches in one year. Not a good thing

  6. I use to believe it wasnt possible Fickell would leave…..

    Now I believe he will and He and Hazell have a 3 year job interview at MAC schools who ever does best will replace Tressel when he retires in 2014.

  7. J. Daniel Rollins says

    That’s exactly what I think will happen.

  8. Don’t forget about Beckman at Toledo

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