OSU vs PSU recap, Musberger Moxie edition

The name on everybody’s lips
Is gonna be Moxie
The QB raking in the chips
Is gonna be Moxie

I’m gonna be a celebrity
That means
Somebody everyone sees
They(‘re) gonna recognize my TDs
My arm my legs my pout my INTs…
Mooxxxieee Haaart!!

After shaking some rust from the bye week off in the first half, the Bucks got down to business and dominated P(ick) S(ix) U(niversity) on the ground to remain at 9-1 and tied atop the Big 10 standings.

Boom Herron’s career-best 190 rushing yards led the Buckeyes to a convincing 24-pt victory over the Nits. OSU finished with over 300 yards rushing.

PSU started strong behind McGloin, who was well prepared to exploit a weakness the PSU defensive coaches had obviously seen on tape. McGloin targeted the soft zone beside Devon Torrence again and again, to the aroused excitement of Brent Musberger. With each successful third down conversion, Musberger grew more and more excited, seemingly unable to stop himself from gushing repeatedly on McGloin’s “moxie.”

Of course, the problem with any gameplan that relies on one singluar weakness is “what do you do when the defense adjusts?” Moxie Hart McGloin discovered this in the second half, when OSU defensive coordinator Jim Heacock decided to rely heavily on the nickel package, which forced McGloin to throw two more TD passes…. to the wrong team. The rout was on, much to the consternation of Musberger, who by this time was doing his best to just keep his empties from loudly rolling around on the floor.

Between the defensive adjustment and the gradually tiring PSU offensive and defensive linemen, Tressel stuck to the ground and pounded the Nits into submission behind Boom Herron’s 9.0 ypc.

High points:

  • Defense scoring 2 TDs
  • Pryor’s getting healthier
  • Halftime adjustments – coaches couldn’t have adjusted more perfectly
  • Torrence’s “shake and bake” of Moxie McGloin on the first pick-six
  • Sanzenbacher’s highlight-reel tip-drill TD catch

Low points:

  • Musberger
  • Rust following the bye week
  • Musberger
  • Officials – worst officiating seen in the Horseshoe in years (against both teams)
  • Musberger

In summary, although the first half was a bit of a nailbiter, the game ended on a very positive note for the Bucks. A little adversity, some success with making adjustments, and coming from behind to win will serve the team well as they head into Iowa next week to play a very hostile Hawkeye team with nothing to lose and a chip on its shoulder.

Finally, in case you’re keeping score, here’s a handy chart to help everyone keep track of where we stand with Musberger:


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