Sad Ginger Panda…New and Improved with a side dish of MOXIE!!!

We promise we wont make a t-shirt of this...unlike some fans...ahem..I'm looking at you PSU fans (HT@BBC).



    That is all.

  2. A pick-6 or two will do that to you. Kind of a downcast expression for a gut who just threw 4 TD passes in Ohio Stadium.

  3. Poor little McGroin lol

  4. DarthSweaterVest says

    That’s what happens when you call down the thunder by glaring at the Buckeye bench like your a Heisman winner instead of a “short pass, hand it off” kind of guy. Herbie should call him up and tell him to suck it.

  5. I like to call him McGoing-the-wrong-way

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