Penn State Preview (Why is this a night game again?)

The YNBA has been pretty quiet this season and most of the offseason.  I know that the readers of MotSaG are totally curious of the whereabouts of the man that produces such fine literary desserts (Sarcasm level = High).  Well, I wont lie to you.  I have been trying to enjoy this season.  You know…really savor it.  It has been a good season thus far with mostly ups and some obvious downs, but the bottom line is this is the reason we love college football and our bucks.  It brings us joy on Saturday afternoons and can ruin our weekends just as easily.

So, after all of that sappy silliness, let’s talk some football.  Actually, let’s just talk about Penn State, in general.  My dislike of this school is pretty near the likes of UM from the makings of “The Rail”, the Penn State student section “Urine Bombs” from 2005 (TBDBITL will never set foot into Happy Valley again…evah), and finally the accosting of the OSU students posted on Youtube after the 2007 encounter in Happy Valley.  Needless to say, my vitriol becomes more apparent on this weekend of the season.  However, there is more to it than just football and disgraceful student behavior (Hell..I know OSU fans can be complete jackasses…it is on our DNA).

I moved out to Seattle in 2006 after about a fifteen year stint in Columbus (including my time at OSU).  When I moved out here, I obviously wanted to enjoy game days with some fellow buckeyes, so I found the official Game Watch location in downtown Seattle.  This happened to be the Sport Restaurant right below the Space Needle.  I first went down to the Sport Restaurant to watch an OSU late afternoon game.  When I entered the facility for the first time, I noticed there were some other fans in another section of the restaurant.  Yeah, these were Penn State fans (about 30-40 of them in a little section in the restaurant).  It was my first encounter watching an OSU game with Penn State fans in the vicinity.  They were playing Pennsylvania Technical School for Widget Repair and Snipe Tracking or some equivalent.  Penn State , obviously, scored a touchdown upon my arrival and the customary “WE ARE…PENN STATE” screams began.  These are fine until a 30 year old guy in all of Penn State gear decides to stand on top of one of the tables or chairs to lead this cheer.  Now folks, this isnt your typical Rush Creek or BW3 type establishment.  It truly is a nice place, so standing on the tables or other furniture may be frowned upon, but I’m just sayin’.  Anywho, this is every touchdown…every first down, every JoePa ice cream reference.  It’s kind of like listening to “Hail to the Victors” or the “Trojan Fight Song” on repeat for days.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I know that every fanbase has it “special” ones, but Penn State’s are a cut above, if you know what I mean.

Rant fin…

Oh yeah…we were supposed to talk about football.

Well, as much as my naysayer attitude comes out in these types of games.  I just dont see Penn State having the quality across the field to handle OSU for the entire game.

OSU Offense vs PSU Defense

This is a considerable mis-match.  In particular, the secondary of Penn State is susceptible to just about everything (deep , short, mid-range) and the linebacking corps doesnt have the typical Paul Posluszny-like player in the middle or on the outside (When was the last time PSU had that problem?).  While it is understandable for Penn State to have some success up front with Ogbu and Still (PSU always seems to have somebody serviceable up front on the D-Line to cause some havoc.), there is too much youth in the back seven to keep the OSU in-check..  Realistically, the only way I see PSU hanging with this OSU offense is if Tress decides he really really really wants to run the ball and takes the game out of TP’s hands.  PSU’s secondary is just begging for Terrelle to have a big game with his arm, which will probably open up the running game.  Hopefully, the OSU faithful will see about 250 & 100 from TP on Saturday evening, because I just dont see this PSU defense being able to put eight in the box and daring TP to throw it wihtout paying a large price.

PSU Offense vs OSU Defense

Evan Royster is the key to the Penn State offense.  I know that every frickin’ preview I’ve read cannot stop talking about the “Ginger Express,” but if Royster isnt gaining some yards and keeping the OSU defense on its heels the turnovers will start flowing.  With that being said, the OSU defensive backfield is pretty thin right now with a number of injuries, so McGloin will get some yards in this game.  Besides, McGloin has a grudge against TP for costing him scholly, as PSU waited to see if they had a chance at getting him to spend his college years in Happy Valley.  This is one of the most laughable things I have read in years.  Sorry Matt, if you were that good, it wouldnt have mattered.  Blame yourself for waiting to be a Plan B for the Penn State Coaching staff…not TP.

OSU is leading the country in turnover margin, so it will be likely that trend will continue in this game.  Let’s be honest took a combination of one of Penn State’s best performances in Columbus and OSU’s worst to give them a victory that was basically due to a fumble that was going to be a touchdown run in TP’s freshman year.  The cards are stacked against the Nittany Lions…no doubt about it.  For Penn State to win this game, they will need to score at least 24 points.  What does everyone think is the likelihood of that happening on Saturday night?

Obligatory PSU Coaching Category…or just because this picture is never used enough..

Brains…(HT: OurHonorDefend)

Things you need to know about JoePa.

  1. He is still alive.
  2. He just won his 400th game, which means he may have helped invent the sport.
  3. He loves ice cream.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, he is still a good coach and next year’s team will be worlds I think he’ll be around for another year or so.
  5. He was featured in “The Walking Dead” Comic and has a recurring cameo in each episode of the highly popular AMC series.

How this will play out

I would imagine that OSU will start off slow, due to the bye week.  Penn State will probably start with a few nice plays  and a small lead compliments of the “Ginger Wizard”.  OSU will wake up to drill them the rest of the way.

OSU 41 Penn State 17

What say you MotSaG-ers?


  1. 12-3, OSU in a typical Big Ten barnburner.

  2. OSU covers, 30-10. Similar scenario, slow start for Buckeyes, then put the game away in 2nd half.

  3. While this Penn State team doesn’t resemble PSU teams of years past, it’s still a good test for Ohio State.

    They have started to run the ball much better and their “backup” running back is a future #1 pick in the NFL and will get plenty of carries today. Silas Redd is his name.

    If Penn State has any success running the ball they will hurt OSU with playaction passing, something the Buckeyes have struggled with all year.

    With all that said, Ohio State should win this game rather easily…on paper but I see this one closer than it should be.

    OSU: 31
    PSU: 17

    PS…could someone please shut up the Penn State quarterback?

  4. Ohio State needs style points. In front of a home crowd under the lights (eventually). Ohio State comes out fast and furious. Penn State doesn’t know what hits them.

    OSU: 43
    PSU: 16

  5. Can I also add that I wish #5 on the JoePa list was true — I love The Walking Dead.

  6. OSU’s offense should roll.

    OSU: 45
    PSU: 7
    JoePa: 1 (diaper change)

  7. So close with that prediction…and the sack of kittens that were going to be sacrificed if Ginger Spice beat OSU have been spared for at least a week.

  8. As I’ve been saying for years now…Boom Herron is the heart and soul of the Ohio State offense.

    Okay, so I’ll eat a little crow, or chicken or whatever.

    Boom Herron has silenced all of his doubters and has really carried this offense since the Wisky game.

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