Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Mole

Not only was Ohio State bitter about last weeks defeat at the hands of the Badgers, they were obviously still mildly upset with the Boilermakers over last years embarrassing loss in West Lafayette.

Ohio State opened up a 42 point half time lead on Purdue and put it into shutdown mode from there and shutout the Boilermakers 49-0.

Lead in the first half by Boom Herron and Terrelle Pryor Ohio State’s offense collected 415 yards of total offense and 23 first downs in the first two frames.


  • Boom Herron ran angry and is settling nicely into the starting tailback spot for OSU
  • Defensive shutout, first one of the season. A great way to comeback after a disappointing performance by the defense vs. Wisconsin.
  • Terrelle Pryor’s ho-hum 270 yards passing and 3 td’s….in the first half. He will end up breaking every passing record at Ohio State.
  • No major injuries. Looked like everyone that mattered stayed healthy.
  • No special teams letdown. Kickoff coverage was fairly good.
  • The return of Brandon Saine! He ran very well today.
  • Offensive line dominated on a consistent basis.


  • Michigan State won.
  • Still a lack of a pass rush. Does this DL miss Thaddeus Gibson that much?

Not too much to complain about today. Time to have another good week of practice and put together a dominating road performance next week in Minnesota, head into the bye week and bring on Penn State, Iowa and Michigan for the home stretch.

Gotta love Big Ten football!


  1. At this point, defensive pressure on the QB has been a problem. I really thought Heyward would be devouring quarterbacks at an alarming rate by now. Why hasn’t this happened?

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