Week #8 Preview – Purdue

As Purdue players walk by and pet the brown, pulsating and warm to the touch mole of Drew Brees they realize that not even the California shaped blob that gloms onto the badly balding quarterbacks head can give them enough luck to beat the Buckeyes this week.


Oh by the way Drew, here is a bit of advice for you good sir:


Ohio State has been busy this week picking themselves off the canvas after getting beaten up in Madison, Wisconsin last week. The injury riddled defense got a reality check last week as did the rest of the team.

Last year against this very same Purdue team, the Buckeyes let their guard down and let one get away from them. After having their tail between their legs the Buckeyes ran the table winning the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl. How will the Buckeyes answer the bell this time? Purdue is Ohio State’s first test.

Terrelle Pryor will have to regroup as he is what makes the Buckeye offense tick. He struggled with his accuracy and will look to rectify that come Saturday. But the Wisconsin defense will be a blueprint on how to stop Terrelle Pryor. For the life of me I can’t fathom why more teams haven’t played OSU like this more. For some reason most of the teams that have lined up to play defense vs. OSU have sold out to take away the run, time and time again. It lead to Pryor being a 10 QB in the nation statistically. Wisconsin took that away, but in the process OSU and Boom were able to run the ball with some consistent success from the tailback position. Something Ohio State has struggled with this year.

Look for Purdue to mimic what the Badgers did last week and take away Pryor’s passing game by dropping 7 and rushing 4. OSU will counter with Boom and Pryor getting more carries along with Dane making catches while getting thoroughly concussed in the process. Last week was a step back for the Buckeye passing game. No completions to any tightends or a 3rd WR.

Purdue is hurting a bit themselves with their starting QB, RB and #1 WR all out for the year. They have been relying on freshman Robert Henry who has transformed Purdue’s pass happy spread attack to more of a read option zone look to take advantage of his athletic ability. Last week Henry was the Big Ten freshman of the week with his 4 TD’s vs. Minnesota.

This is an odd game to call simply because no one knows how OSU will react to the loss last week. This game was supposed to be a “revenge” game for last year, but now Purdue is just another road block to a Big Ten Championship. Since 2002 Ohio State is 4-2 with an average score of 16 to 13. For some reason the outmanned Purdue squad has played the far better Buckeyes pretty close. It’s at home, OSU is pissed, Purdue is outmanned and injured, OSU wins this one but its closer than it should be.

Predict the score of the mole:

Total Moles rushing/passing/receiving for Pryor




  1. Tressel will have to take the training moles off of the offense, due to OSU’s exceptionally thin and injured defense.

    Yet even that thin defense will outmole the Purdue offense, which is comparably thin and injured.

    Revenge from last year + Wisco loss last week + ultra-hard week of practice + “it’s only Purdue” + homecoming = Buckeyes will cruise easily. 45-13. Pryor and Herron over 100 yards rushing each. Pryor 200 passing. Mole.

  2. 34-10

    250 moles for Pryor.

  3. We need a completely dominant performance this week. Anything short of a huge blowout will be fodder for the Buckeye Haters of the world. 52-6 feels good right now. 24-13 would be disatrous. A loss to Purdue would be armageddon.

  4. That “average score of 16 to 13” is straight out of the Twilight Molezone. Very weird.

    Big win and Pryor gets back into the Molesman race with a 150/250 run/pass day.

    OSU 44
    Purdue 9

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