Indiana plays against real defense..loses. Color Buckeye fans, as surprised

Fantastic Defense and Terrelle Pryor take care of business on Saturday against the Hoosiers.

The Good

  • Terrelle Pryor with his first 300-yard game as a Buckeye (334 yards to be exact).  Not really concerned about him running, as he really didnt need to pull the ball down and gain yardage.  Surely, TP will need to use his legs next week in Madison.
  • On that “TP not running front,” it was nice to see TP stepping up in the pocket to make some nice throws.  He is turning into a quarterback right in front of all of us.  The kid wants to get better…fo realz.
  • Silver bullets containing Matt Chappell to 106 yards passing on 16 completions with two interceptions.  Even the positive plays for Indiana looked like they were under duress.  The buckeye front four was really playing lights out and Nathan Williams is putting together one heck of a season.
  • Saine lining up as a wide receiver.  A welcome change for most buckeye faithful and it paid dividends.  Hopefully, he stays there for the remainder of the season and opens up more carries for Herron and Hall.

The Bad

  • The running game..still not so good..and OSU will definitely need it throughout next weeks game
  • Some moments of past Buckeye teams…delay of game after a timeout…srsly?

The Aftermath

  • South Carolina plays a gem of a game and knocks off Alabama.  You could see this one coming, but I am not sure anyone expected it to be as convincing as it was on Saturday.
  • OSU moves up to #1, but not without some media (ahem…Dodd) stating that is the easy way out for moving OSU up without considering Boise State or Oregon.  I dont believe it really matters, but Oregon has a great offense against teams that dont play defense in its own conference.  Boise State…dont get me started.  They will be lined up against a motivated team this bowl season.  Whether it is in the BCS National Championship or another BCS bowl, they wont be playing against a team that will take them lightly.  They want the spotlight.  They will get it.  Whether or not they can handle it when the spotlight is on them…that is a whole different story altogether.  I dont really see Alabama losing another game until the SEC Championship game.  The rest of this season is going to be a helluva ride.
  • OSU heads over to Madison this Saturday.  More on that later this week.  Unless you live under a rock, you already know this is a huge game.
  • Congrats to Sparty and Coach D.  Nice to see the hype come crumbling down when Shoelaces plays against a team that has anything resembling a pulse for a defense.


  1. I am glad TP’s legs were not a factor this week because there was no need for them, but I would have liked to see at least one called QB run, just to allay our fears and see that TP still has it.

    Madison, at night, with a possibly not 100% TP has me a little nervous, but looking at our strengths against theirs (Run D vs. Run O) has me confident.

  2. 1. Indiana is terrible, worse than I thought.

    2. The Ohio State running game is….forget it….not getting into it.

    3. Brandon Saine clearly has a “new” role. Same as the old role minus the carries.

    4. I am starting to hate some things about the state of football today. It’s worse in the NFL but the unnecessary roughness calls against OSU were terrible. There were 4 of them and I didn’t see the 1st one. The second was on a player I forget for lightly pushing an Indiana player while he was out of bounds. The 3rd was for a hit by Travis Howard on a great play to break up a pass…he made helmet to helmet contact. The 4th was by Storm Klein who crushed a ball carrier….helmet to helmet again.

    The last time I checked…football players wear helmets to protect their heads…in case something were to hit their heads while playing…like another helmet.

    How on Earth is a player supposed to think about where he (or she in Michigan’s case) is going to hit a player. Both players are moving SO fast.

    My prediction: in ten years football will be played with skirts on and instead of playing football it’ll be duck, duck, goose.

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