OSU vs Ohio Recap

FINAL: 43-7

Three Ws for 2010, all convincing offensive and defensive masterpieces, and all against teams that went to bowl games last year.

Thankfully, today’s matchup didn’t resemble 2008, when an anemic Buckeye offense stumbled to a lackluster victory against the Bobcats. Today’s offense was anything but lackluster, including Pryor’s record setting 16-for-16 streak in the second quarter (breaking Jim Karsatos’ record from over two decades ago).

Defensively, the team picked up where it left off in the 4th quarter last week, notching another five turnovers.

The talking heads will certainly focus on the errors of the special teams, but it’s irritating that the broadcasting crew and the AP writeups are painting Julian Posey’s 99-yard-kickoff return for TD as a failure of the OSU special teams, “even though it was called back for a penalty.” News flash: the only reason he made it 99 yards was precisely BECAUSE of the penalty, morons. The foul wasn’t a ticky-tac, away-from-the-play foul. The gunner in position to tackle was mugged from behind.

Having said that, it’s never acceptable to allow a blocked punt. One blocked punt and one blocked FG in the first three games are inexcusable, and it’s a good thing that OSU has plenty of cupcakes coming in the next month against which improvements can be made.

Kudos to:

  • Pryor (duh). Got his first INTs of the year, sure, but more than made up for it by solid, steady performance.
  • Devon Torrence continues to impress every single week. He’s the defensive player that I’m voting for “most matured during the off-season.”
  • Stoneburner, 5 rec, 61 yds! More passes to the TE, please, coach.
  • Sanzenbacher’s one-handed circus catch.
  • Defensive aggression. Ohio’s first 12 drives: Interception, Punt, Punt, Punt, Fumble, Fumble, Punt, Turnover on Downs, Fumble, Interception, Safety, Punt.

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  1. I went from watching the OSU-Miami game last weekend to the end of the annual ND-UM slapfight and I was impressed by how bad ND’s defense is and just how great OSU’s is. This week was more of the same: hard hits, great tackling, and I don’t think they ever looked lost. Those guys are really, really good. I wonder if they’ll be able to halt the Alabama steamroller in January…

  2. I doubt there is a better defense in college football than the one in Columbus.

    They set up the offense time after time vs. Ohio. Tyler Moeller just makes things happen. Heyward is amazing, Homan is a beast…the list just goes on and on.

    Terrelle Pryor had an outstanding first half of football and then it all went down hill. He completed 16 straight passes and the turning point was the missed pass to a WIDE open Sanzenbacher. Instead of stepping up and firing the pass, he babied it and it floated to the turf short of Dane who would have scored. His very next pass was an UGLY INT that he threw into the end zone to a double covered Taurian Washington, easy pick and terrible throw.

    The poor throwing continued into the second half where he threw his second INT, once again trying to force the ball deep, this time on play action.

    One of the reasons the pass was picked off was because Ohio State really couldn’t run the ball on a consistent basis all day, so why on earth would Ohio’s safeties bite on PA? The other reason was it was a terrible decision.

    That brings me to Brandon Saine…

    The dude is just so inconsistent and it’s really time he loses some carries to Hall and/or Berry. Boom has been what Boom has always been…steady. Saine is indecisive and doesn’t explode into the hole (that’s what she said).

    Now…with all that said…at this point Ohio State was up 43-0 and I’m totally knit picking.

    But on offense, Ohio State really didn’t have many long touchdown drives and most of their points were set up by the defense. In fact the Buckeyes got 24 pts off turnovers (26 including the safety) and OSU’s longest drive was 61 yards. The defense, while unreal isn’t always going to be able to set up Ohio State with great field position.

    PS. Special teams will be fine.

    PPS. Michigan is not back…they almost lost to UMass…lead by Marcus Camby.

  3. Woody said it best, when you throw a ball into the air, three things can happen, and two of them are bad. TP needs to (and I’m sure that he does) understand that Woody’s words are not only a warning against the forward pass, it is a dose of reality. If you are going to pass and make the high percentage plays, occasionally you are going to get burned. You need to look at the totality of his performance.

  4. I think Pryor was just pressing…he is very hard on himself and feels he has to right his mistakes by making big plays. Hopefully he has developed a short memory because his first 2 yrs he dwelled on mistakes too much. This ream has not peaked yet or come close to peaking. As far as the running game, Ohio was doing what every team will do….stop the run at all costs and force Pryor to pass…most times they had 9 guys up and blitzed the lanes. I f Pryor can be consistent passing as the year goes on…that will change.

  5. I will never complain about points off turnovers…it is how ‘ Bama won it all with an average offense last year.

  6. @Johnny – I don’t know what to think about Saine. It’s maddening. We need a more power running game if we’re going to do damage in the Big Ten.

    @Jim – Totality of Pryor’s performance aside, what I think is most troubling is that his INTs came after a missed easy TD to Sanz. From there he was pressing and tried to force things. That’s where he can use work.

    @maclaren – Agreed.

  7. I’ve been a huge supporter of Pryor’s and yes, he is miles ahead of were he used to be as a passer.


    He still babies some of his throws, and yes the results have been completions but this kid has a damn cannon for an arm and he just doesn’t seem to be confident enough to use it yet.

    The pass to Posey in the 1st quarter that went for 35 was a play that Posey just found a soft spot in the defense and sat down. Pryor lofted or babied the ball rather than letting it rip. Posey had to make an outstanding shoe string catch….too many of those throws by Pryor.

    Seemed to get really frustrated after the missed pass to Sanzenbacher that broke his string of 16 straight. Lets look at the progression:

    1. 16 in a row…feeling good
    2. Missed td on a babied throw to Sanzenbacher
    3. Takes an 8 yard loss on a sack with 14 seconds making it more difficult to kick a FG
    4. OSU runs a PA speed option right (terrible call…why would safeties bite with 14 seconds left on a run?) and throws a terrible INT into double coverage.
    5. Next drive: 1 for 2 passing and a punt
    6. Next drive: 1 for 3 passing with a sack and a punt
    7. Next drive: 0 for 1 with another terrible INT into double coverage.

    He did regroup and go 3 for 3 his last drive which ended in a TD. But he did seem to get VERY frustrated and it seemed to snowball. As a QB a lot of this game is mental and it showed with Pryor. I could see if this was really one or two bad throws…but this affected 4 drives.

    Collectively he did have a good game, but he still has room for improvement…which is really bad news for everyone left on the schedule.

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