LOLBucks: Jacory Harris Makes Don Draper Sad

Jacory Harris makes Don Draper sad

(Source: Jacory Harris’ Twitter)


  1. I believe this something akin to reverse bulletin board material.

    Coach Heacock: Gentlemen, this is Miami’s QB
    Defense: snickering, stifled laughs
    Coach Heacock: Stop laughing guys, this is serious. This is the leader of the Miami offense.
    Defense: Laughing hysterically
    Coach Heacock: I mean it. Heyward, are you crying?
    Cameron Heyward: Sorry, coach. I just can’t stop laughing!

  2. A little early for Halloween, no?

  3. Looks like Cam will break this skelator in two!


  1. […] Harris: We’ll start with the obvious here. Questionable fashion choices aside, the ‘Canes go as Jacory goes. I think this kid is hard to figure out. […]

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