Evil Tressel May Come Out…

A quote from an interview with Randy Shannon:

Q: But obviously though there’s kids that live off campus. But what do you tell parents about that?

A: We show them the neighborhoods. Everybody else in the country lives off campus and they still have the same problems. But their newspaper don’t beat them up about it. Like our newspaper beats us up about it. I know you guys are doing your job, you got to beat us up about it. But then understand we just want a fair shot. At Ohio State, do you realize you had more things happen at Ohio State more than anything. You think we’ve been bad? Go check out Ohio State, guys who have been arrested, bar fights. Everything at Ohio State and you’d think University of Miami was angels. Florida the same…

Now…Ohio State has had its share of moments off the field but nothing close to Miami’s. I can see Tressel taking these comments very seriously and unleashing hell upon the Hurricanes and I hope he does.

I’m hoping Tressel is tired of hearing comments like these along with the endless idiotic ranting from moronic talking heads and jealous Miami fans regarding the late flag and the outcome of the 2002 title game. I hope Tressel makes this a statement game. We shall see.


  1. Tough words from Shannon. I smell beat down!

  2. Shannon isn’t too goddamn smart, is he?

  3. He sounds like all the Miami fans…cry and put the blame on someone else!

  4. 34-13 Buckeyes. I will be at the game and cannot wait to come home and watch the game on my DVR. I suspect the color crew will pimp Miami until Ohio State strangles them into submission.

    Then, and only then will we hear “forced” compliments about our Buckeyes!

  5. EK and I have talked about the theory of Evil Tressel and believe he does exist. Just ask Northwestern…

    Northwestern beat OSU in 2004 and OSU coaches told Tressel there were many dirty hits in that game. The results of the following games:


  6. You know, before a couple of days ago I would have been ambivalent about this. But since I’ve had to answer over and over again the stupid pass interference question, yeah, I hope evil, goateed Tressel comes out and drops half a hundred on the Canes.

    Of course, if they play well enough to put up a score like that, I might go into some sort of coma.

  7. Red Devil EA says

    There one man and one man only who can provide the kind of satisfaction we’re talking about here, guys, and he wears #97. If the Hurricanes really are what we think they are, I’ll refer them to the good Professor, “Nothing cleanses the soul like getting the hell knocked out of you.”

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