Clemson Tops Georgie Tech 47-15

Death Valley was certainly the site of a massacre as the 11th ranked Clemson Tigers man handled Georgia Tech and their sputtering offense in a 47-15 drubbing. 

In a meeting of bitter in conference rivals, redshirt freshman and former OSU recruiting target Tajh Boyd lit up the scoreboard dazzling the thousands of fans that turned out for the day’s events. Boyd running the spread offense to perfection found running back Jamie Harper in the flat for a 49 yard catch and run for a touchdown. 

It was all Mr. Harper as the all everything back ran for 3 TD’s while catching another. Harper accounted for 219 yards of total offense as Clemson unveiled their new wildcat offense on Saturday. The Georgia Tech defense looked as though they had never played football at times as Boyd and Harper ran wild. 

It wasn’t just about the Tigers offense as the defense was equally effective. At times however it was unclear whether the Clemson defense was that dominant or the Georgia Tech offense was just flat out impotent probably a mixture of both. DaQuan Bowers had 2 sacks and recorded a vicious safety as time expired, sacking Yellow Jacket QB Joshua Nesbitt in the end zone adding insult to injury. 

One can only hypothesize about the direction both of these teams are headed…as Clemson is undefeated and headed towards a BCS game, Georgia Tech and their once proud program has its tail between its legs and is once again looking up from that canvas after yet another knockout punch delivered by college football’s best. 

Can Clemson continue dominating college football? What will happen to Georgia Tech in the coming weeks? Time will tell sports fans…time will tell.

(el Kaiser here: If you’re wondering what the heck Johnny Utah is talking about, you can go here for clarification. Some of you already figured it out, so this is for everyone else.)


  1. I am confused lol

  2. Let’s just say that our buddy had a tough time last night playing NCAA Football 2011…


  4. What Johnny fails to mention is that Jamie Harper later tested positive for horse growth hormones and the Clemson coach (whose name rhymes with Yawny Footah) tested positive for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, which is prescribed to stimulate female fertility), the same drug that cost Manny Ramirez 50 games in 2009.

    It’s a shame how out of control that Clemson program is.

  5. The smear campaigns from the folks at Georgia Tech never seem to stop.

    Simple fear mongering and incoherent babbling at it’s finest.

    I just feel bad for Harper and his family having to defend against this sort of trash from
    a jealous and inferior opponent.

  6. it’s been too long boys! after winning two contest on your site, I feel like part of the family so I had to chime in. I’m in my 5th season of NCAA 11 with the good guys and WHY are we talking about GT and Clemson? just wondering? I’m hoping that this was an online game where you COULDN’T play with the bullets! GO BUCKS! Love all the recent post

  7. and sorry before I sound like a 13 yr old who plays games all day…I’m recovering from back surgery so NCAA 11 is my only rehab.

  8. Hey Mike,

    We outlawed OSU and went with a 3-4 star online dynasty. El Kaiser picked GT because of the option and can’t run it…hahahaha.

  9. @Mike – good to see you back and sorry to hear about the surgery. Johnny Utah cleared up why we aren’t going with OSU but I think he hacked into his roster and made his RB into a dump truck with a Lamborghini suspension. I’m not sure how he did it, but the dude is unstoppable now.

  10. The excuse machine at the El Kaiser household is working overtime…

    While your guys were out taking illegal payoffs from boosters and going to strip joints getting their “goose” on…my guys were watching film and working on technique…

    There is something to be said about proper pad level and teaching form tackling.

    It’s not duck, duck, goose Kaiser…lol.

  11. You can go to strip joints in NCAA ’11? Man, I need to get that game. I’m a little pissed at myself that I haven’t yet, seeing as how I’ve gotten every EA NCAA football game since about ’98.

  12. Dear Bacon,

    It’s awesome. Go get it or make someone get it for you.

    It’s more better.

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