Week #11: Iowa Preview and Open Thread

OSU FootballTomorrow, OSU’s departing seniors will trot onto the field turf for the last time at the Horseshoe. If Cameron Heyward has his way, new Iowa QB James Vandenberg will share that same experience.

I won’t spend too much time on Iowa this week, other than to caution overconfidence on the part of Buckeye players and fans. Unlike the paper tigers from State College last week, Iowa has proven itself to be a good team, certainly the best- or next-best in the Big 10. “Team” being the best descriptor of the Hawkeyes; they’ve been behind in all but one game this year, and come from behind to win in all but one as well. That doesn’t happen to teams that aren’t unified.

Regardless of who starts under center tomorrow, the Hawkeyes will be entering a hostile environment, playing for the outright Big Ten title, and playing for the Rose Bowl berth, which gives them plenty of reasons to come out motivated. There’s a lot of pride on the line for them as well, after being told all week long that their season is over and they have no chance against the Buckeyes. All these factors, along with a QB that had a full week of practice reps for the first time in his college career, means that we shouldn’t be surprised if Iowa pulls off a surprisingly competitive game.

Having said that, though, we shouldn’t give the Hawkeyes too much credit. Iowa peaked early in the season, and had been playing with fire in the weeks prior to their loss. Check out the super-duper-canned-spreadsheet scoring margin chart (dotted lines show the computed trends):


According to the trendlines, anyway, it looks like the most competitive game for these two teams would have been in week 2.

Okay, we’ll cut this one short. This week’s questions:

Will Hurt Coleman get his last INT in the Shoe tomorrow?
Total TDs by Pryor?
Will Daryl Clark suddenly appear on the field at 3:47 p.m., having been knocked by Heyward into next week, last week?
Final Score? (Alternate: ROSES!! or No Roses!)


(el Kaiser here, letting you know about this week’s contest) The person with the closest prediction of the final score of the OSU/Iowa game will win a copy of Rivalries: The History of Michigan vs. Ohio State (link opens iTunes) from the iTunes Music Store. (Yes, you’ll actually have to predict a final score, not just ROSES/NO ROSES)

Released in 2004, Rivalries: The History of Michigan vs. Ohio State is a must-view documentary for Ohio State fans. It’s a fairly balanced look at the rivalry through the years. Former players, coaches and journalists all discuss the greatest rivalry in college sports. If you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to watch it. Over and over again.

Please note: this contest is available only to U.S. residents. It is not necessary, but helpful, if you already have an iTunes account, otherwise you’ll have to make one to redeem your prize.

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
Hurt’s INT: Yes, and he’ll return it all the way to the first round of the NFL draft.
Pryor TDs: 3
Clark: Will show up confused, then immediately get sacked again.
Score: ROSES!!

el Kaiser’s predictions:
Hurt’s INT: Coleman is a ballhawk. He gets two INTs as Vandenberg does his best Stanzi impersonation.
Pryor TDs: 2
Clark: Shows up in a ball of energy, naked, and asks Coleman if he’s the legal guardian of John Connor.
Score: OSU: 31 Iowa: 15 (ROSES!)


  1. Bucks win 31-10…Only Iowa TD is set up by turnover.

    Coleman gets 1 int and team snags 3.

    Pryor=2 Tds

    Clark will be in the john with his coach…can’t get off the crapper long enough to be sacked again.

    I love Roses…thank you!

  2. Coleman gets his INT

    Pryor gets 3TD’s; 2 passing, 1 rushing

    Clark will make a lete appearance, then promptly get sacked, then throw an INT (not to Coleman)


  3. Nice graph, sportsMonkey. I like the way those lines are trending.

    @Ken – give us a final score if you’re interested in the contest.

  4. Coleman-1 int and one smile filled late hit.

    Pryor-2 tds, both on the ground

    Clark-will fly in on a roll of toilet paper, and fly out on a meat wagon designed by Heyward.

    OSU: 23

    Iowa: 6

    hopefully the OSU players aren’t as over confident as the fans.

  5. No INT for Coleman today. Vandenberg is limited to short slant routes until after the Buckeye 2nd-teamers are getting reps.

    Pryor scrambles for 1 and passes for 3 TDs. Posey and Stoneburner each grab one.

    Great Scott! 1.21 Gigawatts of Heyward kinetic energy aren’t even enough to bring Clark to face his (out back outhouse bowl) future.

    Final, 31-9 – Barclay misses a 40+ yarder, and Iowa kicks 3.

    Oh, and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDwm3QIwfg

  6. Congrats to Mike for the closest score! We’ll be contacting you to get your code. Thanks for stopping by and participating.

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