Negotiating Penn Hate from MotSaG’s West Bunker

OSU FootballWell…there are 3 games left…

Just three more games of potential offensive play-calling ridicule, certain offensive execution angst, probable instant replay tomfoolery, elation toward a stellar defense, and quite honestly a quick glance at a watch to say “Wha’ Happened?”

I have often referred to a great orator and scholar on the not so recently demised DeathCabforWoody who uttered a quote that can be referenced in almost everything we do in life…

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”

~Michael Tyson esq.

The above said “punch in the face” occurred after turnover number four in the Purdue game. There were questions of a certain quarterback’s intelligence, ability and overall courage. I, myself, questioned some of these character flaws/qualities in the make-up of Terrelle Pryor. There was plenty of vitriol waiting to be spewed all over my pad on that frustrating and crap-tabulous Saturday. I had contemplated posting early that week, but needed to take a step back and let this thing play out a little bit before making a irrational statements fresh off of the Purdue debacle.

Now it is the Thursday after the NM State game and the spotlight is still on the Pryor. He is a little banged up and is facing a stout (fat) Penn State team that has been eating creampuffs all year at an alarming rate.

I wont lie to you guys (and the 2 ladies that read this blog, including mi madre). Penn State week is the equivalent of Hate Week on EDSBS for me. I cant stand UM, but I respect the hell out of them. I absolutely loathe everything about Penn State and it’s fanbase that you possibly could. From the urine bag incidents in 2005 to the beer can throwing mothertrucker in 2007. Every time my beloved school visits that effing hellhole of a university in the middle of a cornfield, something ridiculous is bound to happen. I have no idea what it might be this time, but I am sure it will be disregarded as general tomfoolery by those pesky whippersnapper Penn State fans and alumni (Ya know…they got Joe Paterno over there, so everything that happens out there is ok, because dagummit…JoePa is such a cute and ornery old man…dont look over there at that visiting fan being accosted…look at JoePa…hey have some of this overrated ice cream)

The game itself is pretty simple. Get pressure on Clark and keep the OSU turnover machine (Pryor) from imploding and OSU wins. Easier said than done…but it can be done. OSU’s defense is spectacular this year and pressure mixed with Clark (…amazing that everyone rags on Pryor for his lack of composure with pressure, but the 18th year senior Clark gets a pass) equals a recipe for victory…especially since Devlin isnt there to save them this year (lol…lol…).

OSU has a great defense…Penn State has a good consistent offense with a bunch of new receivers and offensive linemen.

PSU has a good defense…OSU has an x-factor offense that can be explosivo or very Purdue game-ish.

I dont know who is going to win…I hope that TP can shut people up for a week until he is matched up against the real human turnover machine in the Big10…Stanzi.

What I do know is that something will happen before, during or after game to unsuspecting OSU fans through actions of the Penn State faithful (urine, full beer cans, spitting, seesawing, gargoyling..and these are the in-stadium activities). It is like October baseball in New York…you can just feel it in the air. Godspeed to any traveling Buckeye fans.

Btw…In proper football news (that maybe 5% of the reading audience will understand and appreciate), Liverpool has decided that it would no longer like to be competitive with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal this season. Goodbye Premier League Title (Suck it Barclays)…so long Champions League Knockout Stages…who needs trophies…



  1. The sportsMonkey and I were discussing this over lunch today: if we had to pick a team to lose to from these final three games, losing to Penn State would be the worst because of their fans. Insufferable, almost all of them.

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