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Two Thousand and counting

I love this so very much.

Quick hits

OSU FootballI had all these plans to watch a DVR’ed spring game, break down positions, comment on things like how good Boom Herron looked in the first half or how improved Brandon Saine looked in the 3rd quarter. And how Terrelle Pryor could be scary good this year and we actually see the potential Ray Small is full of. Or maybe how the defense is looking good while the offensive line still needs work.

But, as it turns out, I ran out of time and had to travel for two weeks for business. So you get that condensed version.

I did just recently read this article by Andy Staples and it’s got me even more excited about #2.

Also, in my readings, I came across this little piece by Bruce Hooley. He certainly could stand for some paragraph breaks, so if you make it all the way through I’m interested to know what you guys think. While I don’t always agree with Hooley, I hate to admit he’s got a point.

A snippet:

That’s six straight years without a single winning post-season record, meaning only three of the league’s coaches (Tressel, Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz and Penn State’s Joe Paterno) were in the conference when it last won more bowl games than it lost.

What do you think? Do you agree, or has the Big Ten had enough “moral victories” to still be part of the conversation?

Proudest Dad

I’m working on a Spring Game post (yeah for being a week late to the party) but before we get to that, I need to take a moment to show off.

There are moments, as a parent, when your kid does something completely unprovoked that makes “it all worth it.” For some, it’s their kid’s first steps or the report card with straight A’s or maybe becoming a doctor. For me (and hopefully, to a certain extent, Mrs. Kaiser) one of those moments was the morning before the Spring Game. My oldest was painting pictures with her brother in the basement. She asked me how to spell “Buckeyes” and “Michigan” for a couple posters she was painting. Innocent enough.

The results, as they say, brought a tear to my eye.

Here’s my daughter and her brother holding up her “signs”:

(They read “Boo Mich” and “Go Bucks” respectively. Yes, my daughter was aware that we weren’t playing Michigan. She also knows that Michigan is the team you boo. My parenting is good like that. She’s also a little miffed she didn’t get to hold the “Go Bucks” sign)