Beanie going pro

ESPN is reporting that Beanie Wells has declared his intention to join the NFL draft.

More details and commentary later.



  1. Texas Wahoo says

    I think that makes the most sense. He is held in vary high regard and with his injury history, who knows whether he would be able to up his stock next year.

  2. This is sad, but ultimately expected news.

    This is also our 666th post. Ironic? I think not.

    Good luck, Beanie. Stiff-arm Woodley in the face for all of us.

  3. Good luck Beanie, hopefully he’ll be able to get rid of the injury bug at the next level (a la Peterson).

  4. I thought he’d lead OSU to at least 1 National Title. I’ll miss the SAoJ™. I hope for your sake, that you don’t get drafted by either the Browns or the Bengals.

  5. Idaho Buckeye says

    I don’t like it for personal reasons, but it makes a lot of sense for him. E, Good point about RBs with a history of losing the injury bug at the next level (ex. Adrian Peterson) who are ripping up the NFL. Hopefully Beanie can do the same.

  6. BuckeyeNTexas says

    Thank you for everything Beanie, good luck in the NFL. Say hello to my little friend Carlos Hyde, may you run with the same reckless abandon and attitude!

  7. Thanks beanie for the excitement you brought to the scarlet and grey, you are the man bro. I wish you did not get injured and won the heisman-I know you would have done it. I hope you are just as great in the nfl as you were in college representing us GO BUCKS! Good luck beanie we are going to miss you man!

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