Insight from the talking heads

ESPN featured a shockingly fair and balanced commentary of the Fiesta Bowl after the game last night.

That’s quite probably the first positive few minutes ESPN has spent on the Buckeyes in years. Even with the loss, the Buckeyes clearly won back quite a bit of respect.


  1. sportsMonkey,
    Yep, a surprisingly balanced analysis, ggod to see. It will be interesting to see what other pundits will have to say in days ahead. I can only imagine Mark May…

  2. go look at the comments on Doc Saturday or EDSBS. there’s no such thing as respect in college football. any sport that uses voting to determine its champion is always gonna be drowning in haterade.

    best part of this video is the fact that the first graphic shown has stats as they would have been after a Texas loss.

  3. the second graphic gives us both a win and a loss. we’re 4-3 now, but it said 5-3.

  4. punts and field goals and draw plays on 4th & 12s at mid field against a top ten team. Tressel Ball is a losers game plan and a reason he was still at Youngstown State in his 50s. JT now has lost 8 games out of 12 against similarly talented teams since 2005. HE MUST GO!!!!

  5. So, Jimmy, who would you hire?

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