U of M? More like U of Meh

OSU FootballRandom BuckNotes about last Saturday’s de-pantsing of the Worst Team in Michigan History:

noteIcon Most Buckeye fans knew that the 21 point line was an underestimation of some sort (most of our predictions here at MotSaG were in the 40s to 10-ish range), but no question the betting lines were equalized at three TDs because of (1) the sheer size of, and (2) the optimism of, Wolverine Nation. UM fans were desperately hoping for a repeat of Bo’s first year. Alas, reality arrived in the third quarter.
noteIcon Between the number of interceptions thrown by UM’s "quarterbacks" (heh), and OSU’s ability to get them, I went into the game personally confident in a defensive score. If you have to find something positive to say about Rodriguez, it would be for keeping his QBs from challenging OSU’s secondary. 8 of 25 is pathetic, but that’s 8 of 25 with no interceptions/pick sixes. Still, it would have been nice to see Jenkins score one more TD as a Buckeye.
noteIcon Having just given RichRod a compliment, let me give him some grief: some UM fans continue to give him a generous pass on the year, as if 3-9 has nothing whatsoever to do with coaching. I know UM has some bad players, but coaches and players fistfighting with each other on the sideline during a game? That’s a lack of institutional control, there. Tim Brewster only won a single game last year, and I don’t remember seeing Minnesota coaches and players going at it on the sideline. And wasting Feagin’s redshirt on a kick return a couple of games ago? Inexcusable.
noteIcon Speaking of 3-9, You know your team stinks when your “little brother” rubs it in a little. “Embarrassing,” indeed.
noteIcon Seeing a Michigan quarterback crawl off the field after a hit made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
noteIcon Zoltan The Magnificent should have his nickname changed to Zoltan the Rockette. His freakin’ leg was up in the air more often than a Broadway show dancer’s.
noteIcon A little more of Sam McGuffie’s entrails were just found on the OSU 22 yard line. Could someone from the UM Athletic Dept. please come and pick them up? Bring a small cooler. And give his mother some aspirin for the uterine pain.
noteIcon THAT WAS A SAFETY. The officials gave UM a "pity spot," which kept Tressel from breaking Woody’s record for biggest margin of victory. Ah well.
noteIcon Speaking of the officials’ pity for UM, Robo was definitely interfered with on that fourth down conversion attempt. If that had been called, UM wouldn’t have scored on the following drive. Result: Shutout. However, all in all the refs did a good job of letting the players play. They knew what game they were officiating.
noteIcon Would someone please take Bob Griese into the dirtiest bathroom in the Horseshoe and give him a swirly? Seriously – I hope ESPN finally gets his bias and sends him to Foutsville. We get it, Bob – Woody didn’t want you playing for him, then your son played for UM, so you hate OSU. Enough already. Go away. You stink as an analyst, anyway.
noteIcon Guess what? Mike Hart is now 0-5 against OSU. "But he didn’t play on Saturday." Yeah but he really didn’t play in 2007, either.
noteIcon Attention Todd Boeckman: I gave you a standing ovation in my own living room. I wish I could remember you as being one of the best OSU quarterbacks ever, but I honestly can’t say that. I will instead say that you absolutely personify everything that’s wonderful about leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork. I wish things worked out so that you had had a better offensive line, like Krenzel enjoyed. No matter what, though, I hope you have a fantastic career, wherever you go.
noteIcon Beanie’s gone. *sniff* We want you to stay, but nobody is going to give you grief for going. Stay healthy & run angry in the NFL, dude.
noteIcon Next year’s WRs: Hartline/Sanzenbacher/Small/Posey/Thomas. NOT BAD. Not bad at all.
noteIcon Finally, some closing words for the Little Animal. We’ve anointed several OSU stars as "Wolverine Killers" in recent years, and his legacy deserves no less. Stars like Troy Smith, Beanie, and Ginn beat them three times. But Laurinaitis beat them four. His legacy started when he stepped in after Scott Bobby Carpenter broke his leg on the first play of the 2005 game. Carr orders a play directly at the new LB, trying to take advantage of his inexperience, and he blew it up. He continued to blow it up until the final whistle Saturday. By the way, the biblical reference on his eye black? “Father, the hour has come, glorify your son, so your son may glorify you.” I think we can all tolerate a little blasphemy to acknowledge that your father is indeed proud of you.

And with that, we sit back and wait to see where OSU will end up on January 1st.


  1. Scott Carpenter? It was #42 Bobby Carpenter that broke his leg and opened up the spot for Little Animal.

  2. gotta think Hartline’s gone imo. he’s gotta pay that fiance some of her money back.

  3. and who the hell is scott carpenter?

  4. Whups, thanks @joe & @nick. Scott Carpenter was a famous astronaut. The fingers moving faster than the brain… it’s becoming a more common problem with me. Good catch.

  5. great analysis, great game, great year.

    just like every year we beat the school up north. thank God, it will be easier to go to work for another year. (not that my co workers could say much about their school this year, but it would all change if there would be an ultimate meltdown…)

  6. buckeyedude says

    I noticed the obvious ommission of Taurian Washington in the “next year’s WRs.”

    What’s the deal with this kid? He received way more hype Dane and hasn’t hardly played, and doesn’t seem to be getting much love and doesn’t seem like he’s in the plans for next year. I wonder if he’ll tranfer?

    Having said that, I am excited about the fact that Dane has become Terrelle’s go-to guy. The kid is fast, he just needs to put on some weight(muscle) for next year.

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