Columbus Crew – MLS Champions

CrewWhile we may be Buckeye-heavy this time of year, MotSaG is still an Ohio-themed sports site and we’d be remiss if we didn’t congratulate the Columbus Crew for winning the MLS cup.

Way to go, Crew!

I wanted badly to cover the Crew last week, but since (1) we were shorthanded at MotSaG, and (2) it was Michigan week, I never managed to put a few posts together about the conference championship game against Chicago last Thursday, nor the preparation for Sunday’s title match.

The Crew won their first-ever title by beating the New York Red Bulls, behind their leader and the MLS’s best player, Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Schelotto’s three assists and fantastic play earned him the MLS Cup MVP award.

So, all in all, between the Crew’s MLS Championship, the Buckeyes’ record-setting spankification of Michigan, and Mason’s first career shutout, it was a great sports weekend in Columbus.

The only thing that would have made it better would have been for the Crew to have won the title at home. I wish the MLS would abandon this desire to make soccer look and feel like the NFL. We don’t need a neutral site for the title – let the best team with the winningest record have the home-field advantage. But that’s nitpicking at this point. Congratulations, Crew! Enjoy a well deserved winter off.


  1. Holy Smokes, what a game! Congrats to the Crew on their win! I guess, “Those who play will be champions”, or something like that.

  2. I love watching Soccer once a year and getting to celebrate in the glory of a huge win….

    YAY crew

  3. I hope they find a way to keep their Manager.

  4. growing up in new mexico, we didn’t have football (although i followed football much more…) and so i ended up playing a lot of soccer. while going to tOSU, i desperately wanted the crew to do well, and now that they are i couldn’t be happier.

    congrats crew! lets keep it going!

  5. I’m gonna say the main reason they won was because Eddie Gaven grew the filthiest-looking playoff beard in soccer history.

    Also because they were the best team in the league all year long and showed it again Sunday. Wooo!

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