Will somebody please read The Buckeye Blog and Maize & Brew?

It wouldn’t be OSU/Michigan week without a good BLOG FIGHT!!!!

Will somebody please teach Rodriguez About the Ohio State vs. Michigan Game?The Buckeye Blog

Will somebody please teach The Buckeye Blog how to read?Maize & Brew

Thank Goodness MotSaG exists as a totally independent, objective third party, who can offer an opinion here. After careful examination of both parties’ positions, sides, and points of view, we can unequivocally declare, without bias or prejudice, that The Buckeye Blog wins.


  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed it yet.

    Is it just me or do the protest just a little too much.

    Inferiority complex…please.

  2. Recount!

  3. i thought that it was taken for granted that tOSU takes The Rivalry more seriously than our neighbors up north?

    is this not the case?

  4. That’s what the Michigan fans want you to think. I was a student at OSU, and am now a student at MSU, so I’ve heard how they treat both rivalry’s. They tell the OSU fans that MSU is their bigger rival, and they tell the MSU fans that OSU is their bigger rival (and really, no-one cares about Notre Dame anyway). Basically, they just say that to get under your skin. =)

    Common Dave, the voting clearly ended with more than a .5% spread in the votes, you have to pay for a recount out of pocket! đŸ˜‰

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