Gholston Beatdown


  1. buckeyebrowny919 says


    and i mean it so much that i didn’t copy&paste any of that!

  2. Classic. Lol, that was one of those super slow mo EA Sports NCAA big hits.

    Gholston’s arms are bigger than my torso.

  3. Jeff at The BBC says

    the ManCrush has returned!!!!!!!!

  4. did you hear that threet is doubtful with a shoulder injury? he must have seen this hit in the highlight reel…

  5. lancelott – not just Threet… looks like starting RB McGuffie has had a family tragedy and might not make the game. His backup (Minor) has been playing sparingly due to injury.

    While the schadenfreude part of me wants to taunt UM fans… in reality, all it does is put more pressure on OSU to win. I hope hope hope that the OSU defense shows no mercy and does not pull a Florida Fiesta Bowl imitation and waltz in too overconfident.

  6. haha, delicious.


  7. It’s a premonition of things to come this Saturday.

    GO BUCKS!!!

  8. The part I like best about that play? Gholston doesn’t hover over Henne like a cocky piece of trash and dance. He stands over him, and quickly moves on, never getting boisterous or acting like it’s his first sack. Consummate professional.

  9. Can someone PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy and right with the world…could someone PLEASE tell Tressel it’s legal to throw the ball more than 9 times a game?

    Pryor needs to be able to be freed from the Tressel shackles and let him loose.

  10. As much as I love the shot of Gholston takin’ it to Henne, I gotta say: Where’s the Stiff Arm of the Week? There were a couple of awesome ones I saw on the highlight reels…

    Oh yeah, and I’m pulling for a blowout.

  11. This hit made millions of people stand up and go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I felt bad for Chad Henne for once in my life. For a second.


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