Go Spartans/Wildcats/Ducks

Normally we ignore the BCS fearmongering that goes on this time of year, but the latest and greatest “zOMG BCS anarchy article” is up at Yahoo Sports, and this one actually has a semi-plausible angle.

If we assume that the MNC is going to be a matchup between the Big 12 and the SEC winners, then Buckeye fans must root for either Penn State or Oregon State to lose during the regular season. Otherwise, it’s Orlando for the Bucks.

Here’s the rationale: If we assume that the MNC is between the Big 12 and SEC winners, and the Rose is locked up with Penn State and Oregon State, that leaves six bowl spots left between the Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange bowls. Three of those six spots are already locked up: the Big East champ, the ACC champ, and the winner of the Boise St./Utah game either Boise State or Utah, (whichever is ranked higher at the end of the season).

So, we’re down to three spots left, with the following four teams competing for them: the SEC loser, the Big 12 loser, USC, and Ohio State. Of those four teams, which one is most likely to be left out? You guessed it.

So, Buckeye fans who want a BCS bid for the Bucks must root for (1) a destruction of UM, of course, and (2) for Oregon, Arizona, and Michigan State to have a solid end to their seasons.


  1. The way I understand it, #3 goes to a bowl game automatically, and right now that’s Texas.

    Do you think we have a shot at Fiesta? Schlabach had us in last week, and now he says USC. We’ve been relegated to the Capital One Bowl.

  2. @ Jon – I think OSU’s reputation as the largest traveling fanbase gives the Buckeyes a shot anywhere.

    But realistically, if it comes down to a two-loss OSU or a one-loss-top-five-ranked USC in the Fiesta, no way do they choose Ohio State, ‘specially because USC won that head-to-head matchup.

    I’m torn… while another BCS game would be awesome, I’d also like to go to the Capital One and beat a decent Georgia or LSU team. Shut those birds up who say OSU can’t beat the SEC.

  3. @monkey…Utah and Boise St don’t play. Utah still has BYU, and BSU has it pretty easy. Now, let me just say, I think the Capital One bowl would be great for us right now. We would probably get an “overrated” Bama team and have a chance to get all the SEC people off our back. Just a thought. I would love a BCS bowl and it would be a great end to a tough season, but I just don’t see it with the teams above us in the standings.

  4. oh wait…yes monkey you are right. Bama would probably get an At Large bid, so we would get UGA. I would love too see Beanie run all over those guys and Knowshawn get shut down by the Little Animal!!!!!! That’s assuming we don’t get a BCS bowl!!!!

  5. Mike – thanks tons for the correction. I corrected the wording in the post.

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