Adios, Ray Small

Jim Tressel has suspended Ray Small indefinitely for violation of team rules.

The rumor mill says Ray kept missing classes.

Ken Small, Ray’s father, attacked Tressel’s decision in the press:

“We see it as a family that they are intentionally blowing his whole career,” Ken Small said Wednesday night. “Whatever it is, it’s personal.”

It’s a sad situation to be sure, but it’s got to be done for the good of the team and its reputation. Especially since the father’s comments reveal an inappropriate attitude. Ray was touted as the next Ted Ginn – in fact, Coach Ginn Sr. said he had a more natural talent – and perhaps the hype gave him a false sense of entitlement.

Team-wise, it’s sad to see Small go, but the WR corps is rather deep and there shouldn’t be a significant drop-off in talent.

ESPN and the AP are reporting the suspension is for two games, while the Plain Dealer reports that the suspension is “indefinite.” Either way, Small is not likely to return this year, if at all.


  1. The length of time is coming from Ken Small, Ray’s Dad, according to the Dispatch.

    I agree. With 4 games left, I don’t see him getting into the Michigan or the Bowl Game if he’s out the 2 games prior. If he’s not allowed to practice with the team, then I don’t think there’s any way he’ll ever make it back on the field this year.

    What a sad waste of talent. Hopefully, he’ll get his act together and finish his degree anyway, so his time there won’t be all for naught. Getting a degree would be huge for his future.

  2. Ralph Humphrey says

    That’s a hoot!! What’s he going to get a degree in, Golf? That’s not what he went to college for. He wouldn’t even be in (qualify for) college if it was not for a full ride to play at an NFL farm team!!!!

  3. Does anyone know why this kid was in the dog house to begin with?

  4. kade – missing classes, apparently.

  5. I do know for a fact that the football players are staked out for their classes… for example Tressel sends someone to the lecture hall to see if so and so is showing up.. if he isn’t, he gets in trouble. I don’t know enough about Ray, but I do know I have seen him at many parties this year.

  6. Ralph:

    I don’t know what Small’s career of choice besides football is, but golf is a serious career choice for those who take it seriously. And yes, you can get a degree in golf at Ohio State. It requires at least a 10 handicap and you are required to take a large dose of business, accounting, and agricultural classes.

    At any rate, if Small gets his act together and gets a degree it will help him significantly, so I suspect you just get your kicks throwing verbal bombs around.

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