The Big 10 bashing continues…

…this time from Tom Dienhart.

But don’t worry, The Rivalry, Esq. kicks some virtual tush:

“…bringing Penn State down because of something which has no correlative significance to the 2008 Nittany Lions (namely, the 06-07 Buckeye’s performance in the BCS title game). Using your logic, the 2008 Texas Longhorns should somehow be penalized because of Oklahoma’s two consectuve [sic] Fiesta Bowl losses. Obviously this makes no sense.”

Warning – Very unedited/unpolished loose rant is imminent:

Anyone who DARES claim that journalists are better than bloggers can read Dienhart’s article and then sit & spin. This nonsense about punishing Penn State for two OSU failures is ridiculous, and one of the most potentially damaging things in college football today.

Penn State is having a very similar season to OSU 2002. They started low, came out of nowhere in late October, and whammo! – actually play defense. The difference is, of course, that Penn State has a better offense than OSU did in 2002.

Go get ’em, JoePa.

The only thing that will shut these birds up is an old-fashioned beatdown at the hands of the folks that have been defining college football for over a century. It might not happen this year, but it will happen. So your conference had a few good years, big deal. It’ll be over soon, and the cycle will go somewhere else, and then what will you DO then?

I’d rather my team went and lost, than wasn’t man enough to never make it at all. So there. Sigh. Rant over.


  1. Here here!

    Nothing ticked me off more last year than Georgia whining about not getting a chance. If they really wanted to be there they would have at least won their division.

  2. “Go get ‘em, JoePa.”

    And please let them crush an SEC team.

  3. Dienhart’s article is rubbish. You are right; OSU’s MNC game losses have absolutely nothing to do with PSU’ chances this year. IMO, if the pollster’s think that PSU is a mirage, they sure as hell wouldn’t have them at #3. PSU has ‘game’, and they’ve been proving it week in and week out.

  4. i actually think that psu will have no problem getting into the iNC game, and i can already hear your objections. ‘but lance, big ten = the 5uck0rz!!!1! no way the brains up top will let them pass a one loss SEC über l337 for the win!!!1!! (various grunts and chest bumping)’

    hear me out. the montage at the beginning of the psu/tOSU game said it all for me. ESPeaN is in love with the idea of old joe pa coming back and winning one final big game. it is the story that penn state fans will recount for years, throwing thier bottles full of p155 and shouting obscenities. even now, psu is starting to get first place votes. i wouldn’t be surprised if they jump alabama in the near future. this is assuming that they can handle the rest of their schedule with some flair, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. it also won’t hurt if michigan state can continue to win.

    i also agree that i would have rather have the chance to go an compete in the iNC than to just watch.

  5. BTW, Jeff Sagarin disagrees with Tom Dienhart, and Sagarin backs up his opinion with statistics. Unlike Dienhart.

  6. Dean Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports agrees. Check out his recent article.

    What really pisses me off is the fact that the Big 10 haters reference the lack of a conference championship game as a hit against the Big 10. What a joke. Obviously, the conferences with these games schedule for purely financial reasons, not for some high-minded, “purity of the game” logic. College football, a sport I love to watch, is entirely motivated by money. The reason the Big 10/Pac 10 works out deals with the Rose Bowl and the SEC/Big 12/ACC have conference championships is because these games make money. PERIOD.

  7. buckeyebrowny919 says

    these people are just downright ignorant and i can’t believe i’m siding with the Lions but when it effects our whole conference in the long run that’s pretty serious..

    what’s going to hurt us in future years and the preseason poll next year is if Penn state goes in and loses bad…what then? imagine that scenario if we actually have a well oiled ass whooping machine of a team next year and it goes unrewarded

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