Good on ya, PSU…



  1. Great sentiment. Thanks!

    I wish most Penn State fans and Ohio State fans could be like this. Penn State vs. Ohio State has produced two of the best college football games I’ve seen (in 2005 and 2008). Both great teams.

  2. I just wanted to say Thank You to OSU and OSU fans!

    In previous years here, I have been treated horribly, so I was nervous about tailgating yesterday. However, my friends and I had such an amazing time yesterday, I’m going to forget the previous bad experiences. Even after the game, OSU fans were coming up to us and wishing us well the rest of the season! Thank you!!

    Hopefully, our boys can bring the shiny crystal football back to the Big10 where it belongs.

    Also a big thanks to the Ohio Police and Troopers for allowing us to party so long in the ‘Shoe after the game!

  3. Fuck that and fuck Penn State. I hope they play USC so they can get their teeth kicked in.

  4. Superbuckfan08 says

    Great post jeff.. really good quality stuff.


    Congrats Penn State on the win. Now get out there and REP the Big Ten (11) well and do something we couldn’t. Get that crystal ball!!

  5. Sharon Brown says

    I am a Buckeye fan living in Florida and while I wished OSU had won on Saturday – if we were going to lose this year, I am glad it was to Penn State. Penn State is a great school, great coach and great fans. As OSU fans, we don’t want to get into the category of the Florida fans – who are very arrogant, cocky and positive that they are the absolute best year after year. The Big Ten fans are the best – and I am glad to see the posts about the treatment of PSU fans at Ohio State. I also hope that Terrelle Pryor gets over being upset at losing. He is young but such a fine young man and a great football player. Go Buckeyes!

  6. Buckeyeblowoutwin says

    Yeah, as much as it pains me, I will be rooting for Penn St. about as much as OSU the rest of the way (well, not that close). Not that I have anything particularly against the fans or the team, just that I have never been a big “conference guy” … but, these damn rednecks from the SEC have made me have start to rooting for the big ten conference teams in the OOC games and now bowl games

    It didn’t used to be like this … people rooted for TEAMS NOT CONFERENCES !!!!!!!

    where oh where has my college football of yesteryear gone?

  7. Sharon, I suggest you live a little bit in Pennsylvania before you heap that praise on the worst fanbase in the country.

    JoePa is a shithead, too.

  8. Jeff, I do live in Pennsylvania. And your attitude is ridiculous and epitomizes the exact reasons why sports in this state can suck so much, and it explains why so many people hate Buckeye fans. Even if all Penn State fans were as bad as you say (none of the ones I know–and I know a lot of them–are), you don’t have to be a jackass.

    Penn State won. It’s a game. Congratulate them on a game well played (and it was) and let it go. It’s not that hard, really.

  9. Jeff’s post is EXACTLY our problem in the Big Ten: no conference pride. I remember Stewart Mandel of writing that he walked into a restaurant/bar in the South, and everyone in there was chanting “S-E-C!” Now, I hate the SEC, but my point is, they have massive conference pride, good year (last year), or bad year (this year).
    Go PSU!

  10. Conference Pride is a fucking joke. It’s just a mask used to hide the fact that your team sucks. It’s a way for the South Carolinas and Auburns of the world to thump their chests about what Florida and Georgia can do….because their own teams suck. It’s a built in excuse for losing games. I’m an Ohio State fan, not a Big Ten fan. So there’s no way in hell I’m rooting for the assholes that inhabit State College.

    You make it seem like I’m the prick. If you experienced what I have at the hands of those hill jacks, you wouldn’t be kissing their ass.

  11. Jeff, dude, you need a hug.

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