Wells to return this weekend, will see different looking huddle

That whooshing sound you heard this afternoon was the collective sigh of Minnesota fans as they realized their team won’t be starting 5-0.

ESPN is reporting that Beanie Wells will return to the huddle this weekend against Minnesota. A huddle that will look quite different – with Pryor at the helm and at least one freshman (possibly two) on the line.

All we asked after the SC debacle was significant personnel changes, and it looks like Tressel is trying to make amends.

If you feel bad for Minnesota fans, consider the poor Gopher front seven. The energy and anger Beanie built while being injured, watching his Heisman shot go by the wayside, and not being there for the SC loss is going to be taken out on the conference’s 9th ranked rush defense. I predict 972 yards of rushing, before he is spelled in the second quarter by Boom Herron.


  1. 972 yards and a cloud of dust

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